February 24, 2012

New Blog Design

l Since I am a newbie in the world of blogosphere and I still don't have enough money to ask somebody to make a blog design for me. I did my own research on how to make my blog more attractive to blog readers. So while I was browsing a blog I saw this SHABBY blog that has free background for the blogs and others that will definitely fit your blog, what's more IT IS FREE. Then I started editing some of the headers and all using the templates here at blogspot.com. And I love the outcome. So I hope that you like my new blog design...

February 23, 2012

My New Addiction

Hey don't get me wrong about the title of my blog. Hahaha! Since most of the people I follow on twitter are bloggers that I really love and looked up to. It is through them that I discovered my current addiction, Pinterest. Before one could start doing pinterest, one should request for an invite to the site. On my part it took me 3 requests and it paid off. And once that your invite has been approved one can either log in by using their twitter or facebook accounts.

So what does on do on Pinterest? Well, You could pin beautiful photos that you see on their site. People usually pin the photos on the boards they make. For example, if I see styles that I feel reflects me, I pin that on the board I named, My Style. What ever photos that you like to pin should go to the board that you have made. So far I have 16 boards already. It is also similar to facebook and twitter because you could have followers as well. They could repin the pictures that they see on your boards.

I usually do my Pinterest in late afternoons and before I go to bed at night. It is addicting for me because there are so many beautiful photos that are posted that most of them how I wish I have. And if ever one day that I could have a house of my own I want some of the photos that I pinned be seen in my home, those kinds of stuffs.

So why don't you try doing Pinterest...And see what I mean...I hope that you will enjoy it as much as I do...

February 17, 2012

Happy Birthday, Kiko!

Tomorrow is Francis' birthday. How old is he? thirtyish. Hahaha! Yesterday I bought him a gift already at Regatta. It is the only brand where I could find the size for him, he is kinda big right now that is why it is difficult for me to buy a shirt for him. Anyways, he is the type of guy who considers his birthday just like any normal day.

But for me and the kids, as much as possible, we really try to make it an extra special day for him. The kids are excited for tomorrow though we are never sure if we are going somewhere kasi ndi naman namin birthday. Hahaha! But one thing I always tell Francis is to hear mass. Say a prayer of thanks to the good Lord. Say thank you for all the blessings.

So to the greatest TATAY in the entire universe, Happy birthday! To the most generous, sweet, understanding, loving and the cutie-cute-cute hubby, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! We love you so much, tatay! Happy birthday!

February 13, 2012

Love is For Everybody

Few weeks ago my cousin Ate Jing sent me this text message and it is a timely one since tomorrow will be Valentine's Day already... here it goes.

I see Love...
When my dad wakes up early to
cook our breakfast.

When my mom scold me just
because I got home late.

When my family calls
to check if I'm okay.

When people eat lunch together
despite the busy schedules.

And when good friends hang out
despite the distance.


Now who said LOVE
was just for LOVERS?!

We're surrounded by LOVE.
It's just a matter of appreciation.

Nice message isn't it?! Enjoy your Heart day tomorrow...

February 12, 2012

Whitney Houston: The Greatest Love of All

As I opened my twitter a few minutes ago, the feeds that were coming into my twitter is that one of the greatest singers of all time is dead. Whitney Houston, the lady who could sing and reach the highest notes effortless, is dead. She was 48 years old. Among her songs that I really love it The Greatest Love of All. How I wish she could have embodied the message of the song.

"the greatest love of all...is easy to achieve...learning to love...yourself...it is the greatest love of all..."

Rest in peace, Whitney Houton.

February 11, 2012

Movie Time

Tonight is the first time that we, my 3 daughters, Francis and I watched a movie, after a loooong time. Hahaha! We watched the last full show of the movie, Journey 2 - The Mysterious Island. I could say that the pacing in the very first part of the movie is quite fast, but in the middle of the movie the real adventure begins. We all had a good laugh while watching the movie.

But in the middle of watching, my youngest tried to convince me that she will pee in the restroom though she is wearing a diaper. Yes I told her to wear a diaper so that we will not go out anymore while watching it. But I have to give in kasi super kulit talaga. Then while I focus myself on the movie in front of me, Amaya started crawling as if she was looking for something. And yes, she was. Nahulog or should I say, inihulog niya yung hawak nyang ipit. Grrrrr! Thankful that my cellphone has a flashlight, Ayun madali namin nakita ang ipit. Haaaay.

After we have found the ipit, ayun focus na ang Amaya sa movie. All in all my 2 older kids enjoyed watching the movie because we watched it during the last full show...mas okay palang manuod pag yun yung time. There is no nosy people talking and reacting to every scene of the movie. If you want to laugh and enjoy, go and watch this with your whole family.

*picture is from google images*

February 9, 2012

The Book I Fell In Love With...

The first time my eldest daughter and I saw this book at National Bookstore, entitled BEFORE EVER AFTER, we were intrigued by the title alone. So I read the back part of the book to see what it is all about.

And the more we got curious and excited about it. I told Arielle that I will be saving up so that I could buy the book.

Right after Christmas, Arielle showed me the book. She bought it already. Hahaha! Naunahan pa ako ng anak ko. She told me that she has the extra money from last holidays so she bought it already. It took her 2 days to read the book and after she's done with it, she came up to me and said: "MOM IT IS A VERY GOOD BOOK. SUPER NICE. READ IT NA." By the way my daughter is just 13 years old.

When I heard her say those words, the more I got excited to reading it. But it took me a while to read the book because I posted a few blogs that was supposed to be done last December. But, when I got my hands on the book, I can't get my hands off of it.

It took me two days as well to read the book, mind you my dear blog readers, I was reading the book in between of doing all of the household chores. Hahaha! And of course before I go to sleep, I still read.

I LOVE the book because the words are easy to understand. I like how the author described each place Max has been to, wanting me to go there as well. (The use of my imagination was definitely used while reading this book) I love the lines and the unforgettable quotes. I like the wisdom of each character in the book especially of Max's.

One will definitely have an open mind or view about LOVE, DEATH, AND LIFE ITSELF. I am not a critic or anything like that. I am just a simple stay-at-home mom(housewife) who happens to love read books. And I DEFINITELY love this book.

February 8, 2012

Amaya's 1st Assessment

Yesterday Amaya and I went to SilverCrest, the elementary division of Lipa City Colleges. We arrived at exactly 1 pm. Sir Johnel, the principal, gladly accommodated us. We went inside his office and the first thing he asked was how old is Amaya, I said she just turned 5 last December. Yup to my fellow readers, I know this age is late for she should have went to a day care or pre-school. But due to money "shortage" we weren't able to enroll her but here at home I make sure that she will not be left behind. Anyway that will be for another blog though.

On with my story, as Sir Johnel asked his first question, which she could answer without batting an eyelash, what is your name? Then she started to cover her eyes with her hands and said, I Can't See You. hahaha! There it goes my dear readers. She never said a single word. So what Sir Johnel did was he brought me and Amaya to the playroom (and I tell you it is well equipped with educational toys and books, will be blogging about the school...sooon). There I didn't join sir Johnel and Amaya. And there I heard her finally answer few questions given by Sir Johnel. And that put a smile on my face.

After the school tour, Sir Johnel told me to come back on the 2nd week of May for further evaluation of Amaya. And he reserved a spot already for Amaya. So within now and May, I have to teach Amaya how to write and some basic reading so she could go directly to preparatory. So now I am looking where to buy PATIENCE.... hahaha!

February 6, 2012

M.I.B (Missing In Blogging)

It has been a while since I blogged here. It has been another busy weekend for me and my daughters plus I was not really feeling so well, siguro sa sobrang pagod na din bumibigay na ang health ko. I accompanied my eldest daughter at Canossa Academy to take her exams for the scholarship thing. Then in the afternoon went with hubby sa mall to buy few things for the house. Then Sunday afternoon went out again with hubby and accompanied him in buying a new pair of black shoes for the seminar this week. Today naman I am preparing my youngest daughter for her exam and interview tomorrow for her entrance in Kindergarten.... Haaay, ang pinakamakulit kong bunso will be going to school na din...Wish us both luck. Hahaha! Promise to blog within the week. Miss blogging so much...