May 21, 2012

School Shopping 2012

Last Week I started my school shopping, this is besides the books and the notebooks ha. Thursday last week I went to the mall, ALONE, so that I could concentrate on what to buy and these are the basic things my daughters needs for this coming school year. The following are the things I bought for my 3 daughters.

1. A pack of handkerchiefs. By pack I mean 3 pieces of hankies in a box. And this cost me around 170.00 a pack, and I bought 2 for my older daughters.

2. A pack, which has 6 pieces of undies in each pack, for my 2 older daughters which cost me 269.75 each.

3. A pack of small white towels, which has 3 pieces in it, for my youngest daughter and it just cost me 40.00

4. Socks, in a pack consists of 3 pairs of socks and for the cost, 199.75 each for my 2 older daughters.

the socks above belongs
to Ate Arielle

this pair of socks belongs to
Ate Joie...

the socks above
belongs to Amaya

The last picture, the socks of Amaya is more expensive than her sisters', because it is knee-length kind of socks and it cost 249.75 a pack which has 3 pairs in it already. Then last Saturday Francis bought the school shoes of the girls already.

this is the school shoes of
Amaya, Dora the Explorer
and it cost 849.50

The pair of shoes above
belongs to Ate Joie and the brand
is Gibi Shoes and it cost

The above shoes belongs to
Ate Arielle and from Gibi as
well. It cost 1,699.75

If you would notice the socks of my kids, they are colored on the soles. I learned this actually from my Francis, SO THAT IT WILL NOT BE TOO DIFFICULT to wash the socks. Aminin parents, especially Mommies, there are times that kids are playing and they sometimes remove their shoes and if it is pure white ang sole ng socks, it is difficult paputiin. So every time I buy school socks, yung soles eh colored talaga.

Another thing, I make it appoint to buy the shoes, any type/kind, DURING THE AFTERNOON. I have read somewhere that our feet usually expands in the afternoon, or parang relax na yung feet. And then I usually bring an old pair of school socks when buying new shoes, para I could know the fit of the shoes. I usually buy my daughter's shoes one size bigger. I don't know if that is a good thing or not, but for me that is what I usually do. Kasi if I buy yung half a size lang, the school year hasn't ended yet, buy na naman kasi masikip na. And be sure to buy shoes, or any thing for that matter, MADE OF GOOD QUALITY MATERIALS.

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