June 29, 2012

Fifty Shades: My Favorite Quotes

In every book that we read there are always quotes or conversations that really stands out or you really like. I for one, if I really like a quote or lines, I usually highlight it or write it down in one of my notebooks.

In the Fifty Shades trilogy, I have a few and most of these are found in the third book, Fifty Shades Freed, my favorite book among the three. Here are the lines... And I hope you'll like it too.

* But I'm a selfish man. I've wanted you since you fell into my office. You are exquisite, honest, warm, strong, witty, beguilingly innocent; the list is endless. I'm in awe of you. I want you and the thought of anyone else having you is like a knife twisting in my dark soul. (Christian Grey, Fifty Shades Darker)

* You are my lifeline. (Christian Grey)

* Anastasia, you are my more, my love, my life (Christian Grey)

* I know his love is clouded with issues of over protectiveness and control, but it doesn't make me love him any less. (Anastasia Steele)

* I will lay my world at your feet, Anastasia. I want you, body and soul, Forever.
(Christian Grey)

"I lay awake for hours and watched you sleep" he murmurs, "I might have loved you even then." (Christian Grey)

And of course this one: LATERS, BABY...

June 23, 2012

My Thoughts: Fifty Shades Trilogy

Last week while I was reading tweets in my timeline, I've noticed the exchange of tweets between Mommy Fleur, Mommy Aimee, and Mommy Jackie. To shy to ask what they're talking about, I just made an observation. It is a book entitled FIFTY SHADES OF GREY. Intrigued by it, I told myself that when I visit National Bookstore I will be looking for it.

That night I told my eldest daughter, Arielle, of what I read over at twitter. She told me, Mom there is that book at National and I was reading the short summary at the back and I can't understand it. So few days after I went to the mall, then straight to the bookstore. There I saw the book. I read the summary and to be honest, not much was given. Still intrigued, I decided to buy it. That night I read it right away. And to my surprise IT IS INDEED DIFFERENT. Let's just say that those who will be reading the trilogy should BE AN ADULT, at least 21 years of age. Hahaha!

the Fifty Shades Trilogy

The story has LOTS and I say A LOT, of sex between the 2 main characters. The explicit description of each act during sex, a lot of use of the "F" word and other foul words that I believe are suitable for ADULTS literally. But then again, I won't be buying all books if there isn't a sense of what it's all about. To be honest I didn't imagine that I would be able to go through the first book, yet I've grown to love the story and especially the character of Christian Grey, despite and inspite, of who and what he has become. I love Anastacia Steele for her being bull-headed, determined, simple, down-to-earth kind of girl and so loving to Christian.

my Favorite book among the 3

Among the 3 books, the last book that I really love, FIFTY SHADES FREED. I won't go into details why but you adult blogger readers should read it and see why. As I've said before I am not a BOOK CRITIC or whatsoever, it just so happened I love reading books. This is my first ever ADULT BOOK that I've read in my entire life. Hahaha! Buy the books and be blown away by Christian Grey.

Laters, baby... (love it)

June 20, 2012

SilverCrest: The School We chose

It took me and Francis a while to choose, where Amaya will go to. A part of us wanted her to go to the school where my 2 oldest daughters went but then again I wanted her to go to a new one so that comparison of her with her two older siblings will be avoided. At the end, hubby and I decided to let Amaya enroll at SilverCrest, the elementary department of Lipa City Colleges. The said school only started last year with Nursery, Kinder, Preparatory and Level one. It is only this year that they went full blast of their elementary department and now accepts transferees. So my dear blogger readers, let me show you the school.

the school Mission
and Vision

As one enters the school
gate, you will see this at
the guard's table... the
I.D. of the kids would be
placed on top of that small square
so that the school will know
what time the students arrived.

as one enters, You will be
greeted by this huge image of
Jesus Christ

One will see this printed
paper of where each level will

this is a reminder of what a
student should do and should
not do inside the playroom/library

each student who will be playing inside
the playroom should place their shoes
here in the shoe box

the playroom which the kids
really love to go to

aside from the stairs they have
this ramp with handles. the
flooring of the ramp is not
slippery at all, it is child friendly.
Kids with bags that is the stroller
type could use this one

and the most favorite place of
the kids, the playground.

June 17, 2012

Thank You Francis....

Today is the 14th year that Francis will be celebrating Father's Day. In those 14 years, 3 loving, sweet, beautiful intelligent girls. Each one of them has traits of you. Thank you so much for being a wonderful, loving, understanding Tatay to the girls. I know you are working your butt off just to give them a wonderful and comfortable life. I believe things will not be easy once they are in College and all, but I know you will always be there for them.

I am so grateful for you take some time off of your work, which is really driving us crazy but then again this work is the one that keeps the girls afloat. Thank you for playing with the girls, for being there in every Recognition day (that is, if time permits), plays, and most especially their birthdays. You know how important each birthday of the girls to me as well.

Now that 2 of the girls are in their pre-teens already, I know that you're having difficult time in grasping the idea(s) that one day, they will be asking their permission from you to go out with their set of friends, watch movies and most probably go on date already... But I believe that will be SOOOOON....
Francis with our tres marias.

I know how much the girls love you. I know how much important you are in their lives. And on behalf of the kids, THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH for everything. I know how the kids appreciate all of the good things you are doing for them. I hope that you liked the wallet we got for you, the kids saw that your old one, is kinda worn out already. They decided to buy the wallet instead of another shirt (hahaha!)

Again, thank you so much. Happy father's day! Arielle, Joie and Amaya loves you so much!!!

June 15, 2012

Amaya's 1st Day at School

Yesterday, June 14, was Amaya's first day at SilverCrest. Instead of the 3 hour period, the principal (Tr. Johnel Aguilera) decided to make it just 2 hours, warm-up period and then next week will be the start of the regular 3 hour period. So let me share with you my dear blogger readers how it went.

Pictorial mode before
going to her classroom... And yes
I know how big her name tag is.

They are 15 in class, girl power
it is.

the classroom

This is why the principal told us
to let our kids bring their jackets, it
is an air-conditioned classroom.

English chart

Science chart

this is the left wall decorated
with stars, moon, planets and
other space objects

after class, Amaya asked permission
to play in the playroom with her
new found friend... It is also air-conditioned

June 14, 2012

Orientation Day

It has been ages since the last time I blogged. Sorry folks, mommy duties first and now I have a lot of stories to tell about Amaya's first time to go to school. As in. Anyway, let me start with the orientation yesterday held at the gymnasium of Lipa City College which is few blocks away from the school. As we entered the gymnasium, we registered first and the teachers gave us this bag, which is FREE and should be used by the students.

yellow bag will be used
by the kindergarten students

After the orientation, the parents were toured all over the campus, sorry no pictures because I have 3 bags with me at that time. My own bag, the back pack of Amaya which carried her books and other stuff plus the bag, picture above. But I will definitely blog about the school where my daughter goes to.

Inside the bag are 6 notebooks provided by the school as well. 5 notebooks for the respective subjects and 1 composition notebook for their assignments.

The notebooks that
were provided by the school

After the Orientation, Amaya and I went to the printing office to get her I.D and we got it already and Amaya is officially a student now. She was really happy when she got her I.D. She said to me: MOM, GANDA KO ANO?! Hahahaha! That's what you call self confidence, yun nga lang napasobra.
Amaya's I.D. which makes
her officially a student.

Amaya and I ate lunch at Mcdonald's which is near the said school. After lunch we went home to rest. As in I really got tired. When my eldest daughter arrived home from her 1st day as a high school student, she gave me a list of what are the things she needed for school. So off to the mall to buy the things she needed as well as Amaya's.

The things I bought for
Amaya which will be placed in the
grooming box.

the grooming box which is
an old shoe box covered
with red art paper, for kinder
students and then wrapped
again with a plastic cover

June 7, 2012

Amaya: Ready for School

Last Week I finished buying all of the things that Amaya will be needing for the coming school year. She will be in Kinder at Silver Crest, the elementary department of Lipa City Colleges (LCC). The time I chose for her is from 10:45 a.m. to 1:45 p. Why this schedule? Since Amaya sleeps quite late at night, and she is having a difficult time waking up early, this is the most suitable time for her. Yeah I am also excited for her but at the same time nervous as well. Last Tuesday morning I went to LCC to ask if the school uniform is already available, unfortunately we have to wait until the first week of July for the uniform.. That means 2 weeks of ordinary clothes for her. While the notebooks will be distributed on the 1st day of school...

the books that Amaya will
be using for this school year

the basic things needed by a
Kindergarten student

the lunch box/kit, it is still
a Dora the Explorer design.

this black shoes, Amaya chose it
she really likes Dora the Explorer

The socks that Kinder pupils from
Silver Crest should be the knee high
type of socks.

a pack bag given by
Amaya's godmother,
Ninang Maricon