August 28, 2013

Arielle: Not A Baby Anymore

     Today, August 28, 2013, is the 15th birthday of my eldest daughter Katherine Arielle, or as we fondly call her Arielle (or Ate to her closest family members). In the past 2 posts, which I wrote a letter for her (click here) and the second was when I posted her pictures when she was a baby up to the time she graduated from elementary (click here). And now I decided to share 15 things (facts) about my eldest. I hope she will love this, and my darling Ate, this is just for fun...

1. Arielle's birthday coincides with St. Augustine' feast day. And according to my cousin who is the senior sacristan in our church, St. Augustine is the BISHOP AND DOCTOR OF THE CHURCH.

2. Her full name is KATHERINE ARIELLE...
     Katherine - was from the character of a TV series Beauty and the Beast which my husband loves to watch. There's a catch though, I never knew that the main character's name starts with a C. I just assumed that it began with a K.

     Arielle - was from one of my favorite cartoon movie, THE LITTLE MERMAID, Ariel. Ever since I was watched this, I claimed already that name for my first born child. Since the name is spelled like it was meant for a boy, I decided to add -LE at the name...

3. At the age of 3 and a half, my husband and I decided to enroll her in the nearby barangay day care center. I am one proud mom cause every time I fetch her, she has all these stars stamped on both of her arms. Her favorite toy, is  PUZZLES. You could do 2 or 3 puzzles at the same time and you could finish them in just minutes.

4. At the age of four, she began to watch her first ever movie, HARRY POTTER AND THE SORCERER'S STONE. From then on, she had her fair share of Harry Potter movie collection...

Arielle's Harry Potter collection

5. Music wise, at the age of 5, she started listening from boy bands like Backstreet Boys, Westlife to Josh Groban and Michael Buble. And now, as a pre-teen, you introduced me to such singers like Taylor Swift, Green Day, Paramore, and others. Yup she loves listening to different types of music.

6. One of our favorite past time when you were like 6 or 7 was watching Meteor Garden. Arielle, her sister Joie and I went crazy over these group as well. If I am not mistaken you're crush in the group was the White "chinito" guy (sorry forgot the name already).

7. Arielle's favorite vegetable of all time is Squash (kalabasa). She started eating the mashed squash at the age of 1, and probably this is why she has a good eyesight.

8. Arielle's nickname is NINA. I took that nickname from one of the many movies of Jennifer Aniston, while I was pregnant with her. Though it didn't stuck with her, that nickname belongs to her.

9. If Arielle, is QUIET, as in not in the mood to talk, it's either she's PISSED OFF, DISAPPOINTED, or ANGRY. This she got from her father.

10. Just like me, she loves to write. She would write things randomly. And because of this, she was part of the ESLC's school paper from grade 4 to grade 6. Some of her writings were published there as well.

11. Since she was in grade 1 until she graduated from grade 6, she just had one crush. Yup, one. hahaha!

12. From the "one length" style of her hair, all of a sudden she decided to have a haircut just like Pauleen Luna's hair...

Her used to be long hair

And here is Arielle's hair cut, she is
the one in white...

13. She has her own collection of books and it is still growing.

These are growing collection
of books. 
14. She is one stubborn, "makulit" and jolly young lady but despite of it all, deep inside, she is one hell of a young lady who knows her priorities in life.

15. One of your dream is to go to London/Paris.... I know that books and Harry Potter has influenced you on this, and I know one day, you will be able to go there. 

     So to you, our Ate Arielle, Happy 15th birthday! Continue to be a good girl to me and to your tatay. Be a good older sister to your siblings. Enjoy life while you're still young. "LOVELIFE" will come to you when you're ready my dear. And besides, your Tatay isn't really ready for that yet.

    We love you so very much my dear.... 

August 26, 2013

It Has Been A While....

      Hi! It has been a while ( a long while actually) since I really blogged a well-written post that really comes from my heart (and with sense plus those thoughts that usually comes in). I have to admit since the last post I made, I got TOO LAZY to write down small and big details of what is on my mind. But as I read in on of the many blogs I follow, Dainty Mom, whether there is someone who reads your post or not, one should continue writing and posting it. Besides, since I wrote my first post of August last year, I told myself, that I would write of my routines, the little things that happens to me everyday as a mom of 3 girls (2 pre-teens and a 6-year old)

     I may not have a following yet but I know one day, I will be having those followers and who will patiently read my posts and at the same probably, leave comments as well. As Dainty Mom, told me, it is not bad to dream big for one's blog, and I want to claim it... Right now, I am willing to write down thoughts that comes up in my mind, the every day anecdote I have with my Amaya, cause she really say the darnest things. Hahaha!

    So until my next post... Hope to hear from you my dear blog readers....