December 31, 2013

Thank You And Goodbye 2013

     The very first post of gratitude I read for 2013 was from Ms. Toni Tiu of Wifely Steps (click here). I was inspired by what she posted and I have been thinking of what I should be thankful for despite and inspite of. 2013 was both a good and not so good year for me and my family. But since this post is all about being THANKFUL, I will focus on this one, besides I believe that God will never give us a challenge or test that we can't handle.

     I am THANKFUL for my family. My husband and 3 beautiful, loving and intelligent girls. I am thankful that even though my husband decided to try his luck of working overseas, he is doing fine. So thankful as well for the technology that we have because my daughters and I were able to have a chat and see Francis every now and then. Thankful that my girls understood (and still trying to understand) why their father made that decision.

the last photo of my
husband with my 2
older daughters during
our last family

Francis with our youngest

     Thankful that the past year the health of my girls were all good, except for few colds and coughs, but over all, their health is very good. Except for me, cause I had Measles, not a good experience that I would like to have again. This 2013 too, I was able to read a lot of books. I am so THANKFUL to the staffs of National Bookstore at SM Lipa, especially Madz, for being so accommodating to me every time I ask for certain books. They will reserve and hold it for days and weeks until I get it it from them.

     Towards the last quarter of the year, I am so THANKFUL that there is always "ads" above the blog header and on the right side of this blog. To others, this may be shallow but for a beginner like me in the world of blogging world, it is a big deal for me.

     Thankful for my immediate family - my mom and brothers - because last November 23, we had our very first bonding moment (after a long time) at Alabang Town Center or ATC. I love each one of you to the core.

this was taken during our
last bonding moment
at ATC food court, with
daughters and niece as well.

     Thankful for my friends, old and new ones. For accepting me for who and what I am. I have different sets of friends from my high school barkada, college friends, mommy friends, and friends I met because of my husband. I am so blessed to have met each one of you.

     Thankful to the Lord Jesus, for looking after my family and after me. Thank you for always being there, for your continuous guidance, I know that you will never leave me, that I am sure of.

     Thankful to Francis, my husband, father of my girls, my best friend. This is the very first time in a long time that we are celebrating the holidays without you beside us. I know that this is what you've been wanting for the longest time. And I hope and pray that whatever plans that God has for you, I know you'll make it big. THANK YOU FRANCIS. You know already what my THANK YOU is for. Always remember that I Love You so much and nothing will change that.

this is the last photo
we had during our summer outing. we
don't have a photo na matino.
     So as I say THANK YOU and GOODBYE to 2013, I am ready for all the good things and challenges that 2014 will bring.

     So from my family to yours,  HAPPY NEW YEAR and GOD BLESS US ALL...

December 23, 2013

DIY Loot Bags For Amaya's 7th Birthday

     A month before Amaya's birthday, I started buying the things that I will be using for the loot bags, the things will be placed in the loot bags. Since my family is not really keen on celebrating such event, hubby and I decided just to give loot bags on her birthday to her classmates. Since DIY is the "IN" thing to do nowadays, I decided to do this as well, with the help of my daughter Joie. So let the pictures do the talking....
Bought this brown paper bags
at SM grocery for 25 pieces
this is worth 52.00 pesos

This Loony Toons and
Sesame Street pencil
cases I bought at National
Bookstore for 29.75 each

Since boys love Ben 10 and girls
love tinkerbell, I bought these
stickers at a local grocery store.

These puzzles I bought
it also at National Bookstore.

these cutie pencils I bought
at National Bookstore at 6.50 each

these small coloring books
with stickers inside, I bought at
a local grocery here for 5.00 pesos each.
These set of pencils with erasers
I bought at a local grocery store
for 13.50 pesos each.
these are some of the
washi tapes I bought at
the local grocery store.
Those long strips, I have to
put glue on it.
So this is what I did with the
brown paper bag. I placed the long strips
on the sides of the bags. Then in the
middle of the bag, my daughter
Joie wrote each of Amaya's
classmates names with simple design.
I also bought sticker paper at
National Bookstore.
This is the front part
of the paper bag. I put some washi tapes on
it too, then wrote holiday
greetings at a small sticker

     So there goes my DIY loot bags. And I tell the moms sent me messages via Facebook and told me how their kids loved the things I placed in each of the loot bags. By the way, I also put some chocolates and other kinds of "sugar rushed" foods for the kids. Hey it is Christmas so let them enjoy this one.

December 18, 2013

Online Shopping: Elin.Ph

     One of the many advantages of having the internet is the ONLINE SHOPPING. I have done it once before (click here) and now it is my second time to do it. One of the many reasons why I tried is because of the mommy bloggers I follow, usually buys their tops and dresses from them. So while I was browsing Elin's Facebook page (click here) last November, I saw this dress....
Grabbed this photo
from Elin's Facebook page

     And I instantly fell in love with it. Since there was an occasion where I could use it, I went to their website, and I immediately ordered this dress. I entered my name and other important details. Then as soon as I clicked SEND, few minutes after I received an  email from them and their BPI account number (since this is the mode of payment I chose).

     After I have paid, I emailed to them the deposit slip, as a proof that I deposited the payment already. Since the transaction happened on the a Friday (a day before Typhoon Yolanda hit the Philippines), I was able to receive my package on a Wednesday. I was so excited to open, see and fit the dress.

This is where my
dress was placed. Sorry if
gusot na yung packaging
I was able to wear
the dress on the wedding
of my brother in law. I wore
a heeled shoe but during the
reception, I wore my ballet flat shoes.
     So how was it? The dress fits me perfectly. I love the jersey typed of material used in this dress. I so love how it looks on me. Even my kids and husband loved my dress. Simple yet elegant. I hope I did some justice in wearing the dress. This will not be the last time that I will order from them. In fact, there is this top that I really love and as soon as I have enough savings, I will definitely order from them again.