January 8, 2014

A Different Christmas

     For 15 years that Francis and I were married last Christmas was the very first time (as well as New Year's Eve) that we celebrated it far from each other. As our respective families, relatives and friends know Francis left early this year to try his luck to be an overseas worker. It was difficult for us, especially for the youngest Amaya, to comprehend why Tatay (as we fondly calls him) have to work abroad.

     The first 5 months were the most difficult for us, especially for me because I HAVE TO DO EVERYTHING, no one can "substitute" for me anymore. The transition from a 2-parents in the house to a "single" parent household was difficult as well. Since Francis' schedule of work is very erratic, most of the decisions that have to be made now falls on my shoulder, meaning before I give in to the girls, I better think it a lot of times before I say yes or no. So far, so good.

     I am just so thankful to the good Lord for blessing me and Francis 3 beautiful, intelligent and VERY UNDERSTANDING daughters, especially my 2 older ones - Arielle and Joie. Though there are still some questions on  their minds, every now and then, as much as possible Francis and I tries to give them honest answers.

     Last Christmas, each of my girls, made a love letter to their tatay...

this is from Ate Arielle

from Ate Joie

From Amaya

     Hoping (and crossing my fingers) that in a year or 2 (or 3) we will be one complete family again in celebrating Christmas and New Year.

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