March 22, 2014

TFIOS: My First John Green Novel

     The first time I saw this book (and was highly recommended) was on the blog of Saab Magalona. She said good thing about it. Since the title is so intriguing, I decided to go to National Bookstore here at SM Lipa. When I asked about the book, it was out of stock. And the person I know at NBS - Madz - will reserve one for me as soon as their orders arrive.

     Few days after, I received a call from Madz that my book is finally there. Imagine how happy I was. Super duper happy, the copy I got was the hard-bound copy, keber na sa price (I don't care about the price anymore).

my favorite book... 

     I have to tell you that I was so excited to read the book. And as soon as I started reading it, I really got hooked with the story and the main characters namely: Hazel Grace Lancaster and Augustus Waters. They met on the support group of young people who have cancer. This is my first John Green book that I read and I fell in love with it instantly. I never knew how these kids see LOVE IN A DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVE. They live for the moment. They live and enjoy life as if it's their last (to quote Hazel THEY ARE LIKE A BOMB). Despite and inspite of being sick, they LOVED EACH OTHER, ACCEPTED ONE ANOTHER.

     let me share with you some of my favorite lines from this book.

"Pain demands to be felt"

"Sometimes people don't understand the
promises they're making when 
they make them."

"I"m in love with you, and I'm not in
the business of denying myself the simple
pleasures of saying true things.
I'm in love with you, and I know that love is
just a shout in the void, and that
oblivion is inevitable, and that we're all
doomed and that there will come a day when
all our labor has been returned to dust,
and I knew the sun will swallow the only 
earth we'll ever have, and 
I am in love with you."

"Oh I wouldn't mind, Hazel Grace, 
it would be a privilege to have my heart
broken by you."

"But, Gus, my love, I cannot tell you
how thankful I am for our little infinity.
I wouldn't trade it for the world. you gave
me a forever within the numbered days
and I'm grateful."

"I love her. I'm so lucky to have her.
You don't get to choose if you get 
hurt in this world, old man, but you do have
some say in who hurts you.
I like my choice,
I hope she like hers."

     Now I can't wait for the movie version of this book which will be shown by June of 2014.


     How about you, have you read the book already? What is/are your favorite lines from the book? 

March 17, 2014

What's with Books?

     Since part of the name of my blog, aside from being a mom and wife is that I am a self-confessed bookworm. It is a term meaning a person devoted to reading and I could say that I am that. So I will try my very best to share with you books that I have read last 2013 and for this year too.  

     So what's with books? This is one question I believe that is quite difficult to answer unless you're a bookworm like me. 2 years ago and until last year I bought a lot of books, or better yet HOARDED (I guess this is more appropriate term) A LOT.  All the books I hoarded are well-kept already in 2 plastic containers (1 extra large & 1 medium). since there is no space yet for a bookshelf in the house, my "babies" - yes I call them that - are safe in their respective containers. So far I have 80+ books and counting. Have I read them all? I could safely say 1/2 of those I have. 

my books (blue container is the
extra large one and the other is the
medium one) 

     Lately a lot of gadgets like kindle have been available in the market so that it would be easier for one to read. You don't have any bulky book to hold, you don't need bookmarks, you don't need to "ear-marked" your book. No additional heavy book in your bag. With kindle (and other similar gadgets) one could easily download or buy E-books and read it right away.

     But pardon me, because I AM NOT A FAN of such. To those who loves and appreciates these kinds of gadgets, good for you. There is something in books that I can't explain. From the time I bought it, remove the plastic, to turning of the page(s), and the smell of a newly bought book. hahaha!  I don't mind holding a bulky book. I don't care about that "extra weight" in my bag as long as I have a book in my hand, I am a HAPPY ME. As they say, to each his own.

     How about you, what about books that you love or don't love at all? Share your thoughts....