May 28, 2014

1st Summer Activity: McDonald's Kiddie Crew

     Few months ago when Amaya and I went to a McDonald's branch here in Lipa, a marketing assistant came up to us and asked me if I would like Amaya to joint their summer workshop as a kiddie crew. Instead of me giving the answer, it was Amaya who replied OPO (yes). And since she answered already, there's nothing I could do. So I filled up a form and paid 595.00. It was Amaya who chose which week she will be doing the workshop. She chose week 7 from May 12 - 16.

these are the things
your kid/s will be getting
during the workshop. 
     The workshop is a 2 hour, 5 days activity. For the week Amaya chose they were 13 kids. And on the first day Amaya has made a friend already. On the first day of the workshop, Kuya Randell (the name of the facilitator) asked each kids to introduce themselves by saying their name, age, and what is their favorite food at McDonald's. After the introduction the kids had a short tour of the store.

this is Amaya on the first day.
So sad that the shirt given to her
was really big. But if there's a will
there's a way... 

     Day 2: the kids had to paint their aprons.The kids had so much fun doing it.

on the lower left side,
that is the finished apron of
Amaya. hehehe!

   Day 3: The kids made their own cheeseburger. It was also their meal that day. hahaha! 

every time they do eat, the kids
were taught to wash their hands.
Amaya had a great time doing this, though
I helped her in wrapping it. 

     Day 4: The kids were given the chance to "work" behind the counters and had experienced assisting the older crews.

I was so proud of Amaya
cause she was able to "help" in making
the fudge and in preparing
the drinks.. Ako na talaga ang
stage mother. 

     Day 5: The last day was sort of the culminating activity where they sang the kiddie crew theme song entitled MAKE IT HAPPEN. They were able to receive pins and certificate that showed they were able to complete the one week workshop at McDonald's.

Never been so proud of Amaya


          - Though the facilitator is well loved by the kids, I noticed that he wasn't that prepared, every now and then he has to leave the party place (a separate room where parties are held) to get this or to get that. Just by doing that, it wasted time.

          - This is also why there is a so-called REGISTRATION. I believe that most of the parents were able to do that BUT on the day itself of the workshop, the facilitator have to accommodate a parent who registered her 3 daughters, this is why the workshop has been disturbed a lot of times until the manager stepped in for the facilitator.


          - Kuya Randell was so patient with the kids most especially to the 4 year-olds in our batch.

          - The facilitator gave leeway when it came to painting the kids apron. He didn't care if the paints are out of line already. Some face of Ronald McDonald after painting ended like a flower. He also allowed the kids to put their names on the apron which made it more personal.

          - There were some singing and dancing which made even more fun for the kids.


     Will I recommend it to other parents? Of course I will. It is a fun filled week where kids will be able to meet and make new friends. They will be able to know how their favorite foods at McDonald's are cooked and prepared. Amaya had a blast, for sure you're kids will have one too.  

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