April 20, 2015

Yes I am 41... Thank You...

     It has been a while since the last time I blogged or posted something. Yes, that will be almost a year. I have to admit I went to a very long hiatus, finding "myself", asking what am I really doing in this blogging world. Do I really fit in? Despite the many mommy bloggers that are really good. But then again, everytime I read post made by my favorite bloggers, I can't help but missed it. As of now, I will try my very best to go back to writing. Write whatever that pops out of my head. I miss reading too, I have lost my reading mojo as well. I will try my best to share the books I have read since last quarter of 2014. Honestly I still have A LOT OF BOOKS to read and hopefully share it with all of you.

     Today marks my 41st birthday. Yes, you read it right, I AM 41 YEARS OLD. And proud. I may not have that "slim" or "sexy" body that I used to have 18 - 20 years ago, but who cares. Yes every time I see some of the mommies who could maintain their figures the way it used to be, I get envious. I have to admit I have that lazy part in me to do some exercise, but doing all of the household chores in the house without help, for me is like a form of exercise already.mbut I know that is not enough. And I have to do something, to take care of my health for my family especially for my girls. I have those flabby arms, have those "love handles" or "bilbil" as they call it. But who cares?! 

     I may have all of those, I know my family, my friends (TRUE FRIENDS THAT IS), my girls loves and accepts me for who and what I am. I am thankful as well that my health the past year was good except for few asthma attacks and fever, but all in all I believe my health was ok. Thankful for my girls, who all did a great job in their academics last school year. Thankful that in my 41 years here on earth, I am thankful to the good Lord for all the happiness, loneliness, success, trials that came my way. Because of these things I am the woman that I hope my girls will be proud of someday.

     I will try my very best to write down my thoughts so that I have something to blogged about. I hope that you, my dear readers will give me some of your time to read my post, whether past or the current one. Thank you again... And yes I am 41 years of age...

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