February 14, 2013

Happy Hearts Day!!! (2013)

      It is my first post for this month and it landed on Valentine's Day. Hahaha! Happy Hearts Day my dear readers. Please allow me to be mushy and all, even just for today. It has been a while since the last time I received flowers from my husband. The last time he gave me..... Can't remember, I guess it has been that looooong... And this morning on the table I saw a single long stemmed red rose with ferro rocher chocolates. And it brought tears in my eyes... Hahaha! I got carried away I know. So to Francis, THANK YOU VERY MUCH.... And to my 3 wonderful and beautiful daughters, WE LOVE YOU SO MUCH girls! Enjoy this day people... And as to end this post... let me share the pictures of what my girls and I received from Francis.
The Rose... given by Francis
These are what Francis gave to her
3 Princesses....
The single long stemmed red rose,
it has been a while since I received
such flower... and it made me
cry this morning. hahaha!
the chocolates... thanks Franics,
don't care about the calories...

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