January 31, 2013

My Personal To-Do-List: 2013

     Since it is the last day of the month, this post is still IN. Since I am done with my TO-DO-LIST in BLOGGING (click here) now it is time for some PERSONAL-TO-DO list. I believe every woman, whether you're a mom, working, single, in a relationship, should have this kind of list so that you will be able to keep track of what you have done, what else that there is to do and which you want to continue in the future. Here are my PERSONAL-TO-DO LIST.

     Don't get me wrong with this one. I'm not fat (my apologies if I have stepped on by using this term) nor obese. With my height (I'm 5'0 feet tall), I believe I am overweight, by how many kilograms I don't know but I could really feel it. As soon as my MOMMY DUTY AND SCHEDULE is not that tight, I am planning to go to the WEIGHT MANAGEMENT, Mary Mediatrix Medical Center. Before I go on a diet or exercise, it is ALWAYS BETTER to consult a physician. Since I am asthmatic, I want to know what to do, which exercise is appropriate for me and what should be my ideal weight. I want to be fit (and slim) before I reach 40 (which will be next year). So let's get it on.

     Last year my the only time I went to have "MY PAMPERING" moment, I could count on one hand. Hahaha! This year I plan to have MORE. This "ME TIME" doesn't have to focus on the "PAMPERING" moments, it could be watching a movie, going to a coffee shop. It is more of doing things on your own even just for an hour or two. NOT thinking much of what mess your kids would have done by the time you got home. It is just having that QUIET, PEACE  of a moment time.

     As they say one of the cheapest exercise, besides walking, is running. Last year my husband bought me a pair of running shoes, and I wasn't able to use it "properly". Although I sue them BUT not in running, it's SOLE PURPOSE, why hubby bought it in the first place. And since I want to get off some unwanted pounds, I wanted to give running another try and who knows where this will lead me to next.

     Since I returned to reading, my favorite, last year via the 50 Shades Trilogy (click here) I have been reading a lot. AGAIN. After a long time. And I have to tell you I LITERALLY HOARDED a lot of books since last year. And every time I see a best-seller or a must-read book, as much as possible I really try to buy that book despite the fact that I still have other books that are covered with plastic and I haven't read them. So this year I will try to finish ALL of the books I bought (hoarded) and I will try, as much as possible, to share them with you.

    So there. I hope that I will be able to do all of these especially my weight management. So wish me luck.

    How about you, share with me your personal-to-do list?

January 24, 2013

My To-Do-Lists For Blogging 2013

     Hi! I'm still here! I know, I know we're in the third week of January and I hope ding this post isn't too late. Anyway, one of the many blogs I follow, Dainty Mom, has made her own "to do lists" for her blog. Inspired of what she has done, I decided to make one as well. Here it goes:

         - I have been saving up to have my blog designed by Ms. Pat but every time I am about to get her services the savings I have, I spent it to the expenses of the kids at school. But I promise, to myself, that before April, (my birth month) this blog should be ATTRACTIVE and BEAUTIFUL already. *wink*

        - I have to admit last December I was able to do a lot of things and I was supposed to make a post/blog of each fun and meaningful activity I had but due to the crazy schedule of my 3 daughters (2 pre-teens and 1 in kindergarten) imagine how tiring my schedule was. BUT since I want to be known as a "blogger" and I wanted to be serious with this, I have to update this blog as often as much as possible.

          - I have to admit there are those times that I am having a difficult time thinking of what to post/write/blog BUT when I read other blogs there is this voice inside me that says: I SHOULD HAVE WROTE THAT. So by this time, I will try to post whatever I want to post, of course with discretion and all. And as well be inspired of the other BLOGGERS that I follow.

         - I have been thinking of this since last year but I always "chicken out" asking WELL KNOWN BLOGGERS to guest post here in my SMALL blog. But if I really wanted this blog to take off I guess it is not bad at all to have guest bloggers here. I have to have that courage to ask them do some post here, (crossing my fingers)

     So these are my MAIN TO-DO-LIST for blogging 2013. Hoping I will be able to do all of these this year. How about you, care to share your TO-DO-LIST for blogging?

January 14, 2013

New Name Blog... for the nth time...

     Yes! You've read the new title of my blog. I named it after my nickname, which was given to me my godfather. Most of my relatives, family members, and friends know I do have a very long name, as in. Here it goes: MA. TERESA GRECH QUIATCHON RACAL. People who knows me usually calls me Grech or Grechie. And since I am using Grechie20 in twitter might as well use my nickname minus the number.
     As much as I want to put "MOMMY" before the name, which a lot of the blogs I follow have it, I decided to against it. I have nothing against using the word but I just want to be kinda different from the blog name. It took me a while to really find the "perfect" title that one way or another will really fit my blog URL. So to my blog readers (and followers), Welcome to my blog and I hope you will have fun reading. Will definitely blog soon.