December 31, 2012

Thank You 2012... Welcome 2013

     It was just like 2012 was starting and now we have to bade our goodbye to the year it was. But before I totally welcome 2013 let me say a few thanks to the past year, 2012. I have to be honest that 2012 has been a good and at the same time trials came, and these 2 made me a better person than I was before. As they say LIFE IS NOT A BED OF ROSES. Trials in life will either make or break you. In my case, "MY" trials in the past year made me  A BETTER PERSON.  

On my being a WIFE to my husband
Francis, I could just say that where ever we
are right now, I am so thankful to the good Lord
that we have maintained a good relationship.
Despite and inspite of. And on this note, I 
would like to say THANK YOU very much for just 
being there for me. And for his Christmas
gift, thank you so much. You 
knew how much I love it. 

On my being a MOTHER to my 3 beautiful,
intelligent daughters. I don't think I am even half
way of what my own parents has done
for me and my siblings. But then as I see my 3
girls growing into fine young ladies,
I guess I could give my self a pat in the
back and I could say I AM DOING
A GOOD JOB and CONTINUE doing it so.

On my being ME, as my own person, I guess I
haven't forgotten to really look after my whole-being.
Once in a while I go on my "ME TIME",
whether just going to the public market, doing
grocery shopping, or just staying
at my favorite place, National Bookstore.

      It was only this year that I have rediscovered my love of reading. Thank you to the mommy bloggers I follow at twitter for the big fuss they made out of the 50 Shades Trilogy and yes I do have them all. After 50 Shades, I started reading other authors like John Green ( the first book that I read was The Fault In Our Stars, and I loved it), Paulo Coelho (I am a late bloomer that is) and Mitch Albom ( I love his latest story, The Time Keeper).

    On me being a mommy blogger, I know I am only beginning my "career" as a blogger but with people who leaves comments on some of the posts I do, they are my inspiration that I could do better. I may not be the best like the bloggers I really look up to, but sharing my thoughts once in a while, what I love to do and read is far more than enough. I am looking forward to more posts though this coming 2013.

     So to 2012, my heartfelt THANK YOU. Thank you for ALL THE TRIALS that came my way. It took me a while to bounce back but here I am still standing and I made it. Thank you for the wonderful time you have given me, my family, my friends and my blog. You really made me a better person, 2012.

     Thank you and good bye.... And now looking forward to the New Year, 2013...  

December 28, 2012

Amaya's First Hair Cut

 After 6 years, it is only yesterday that my youngest daughter, Amaya had her first real haircut at David's Salon here at Robinson's Place Lipa. If you're wondering who cuts the hair of my Amaya, Me. Yes, Me. Since she is uncomfortable of going to the salon I did her hair cut for the past 6 years. And so when she agreed to have a hair cut, My 2 older daughters and I really cheered on her because she might not get the hang of having her hair cut at the salon. And since it is indeed her first I took my ever reliable digicam with me. Here are the photos.

Finally! Amaya got comfortable
washing her hair, because she
hates cold water it took a while
to pacify her. hahaha!

Yey!!! the first cut... Finally done
by a professional. hahaha!

And now on to the blow drying

Why the face? because she
hates the noise of the blow dry makes
and hates the hot air
that comes out of it. hahaha!

Voila!!! Newly cut hair by Sir Mark of
David's Salon Robinson's
Place Lipa.

December 1, 2012

Amaya's World

     I can't help but share this little funny story. Ever since Amaya learned how to read and learned a lot of things from school, feeling ko nalito na ang bunso ko. Here's what I mean:

Amaya (reading her Filipino book): KA-MA-TI

Grech: KAMATIS, Amaya with an S.

Amaya: oh, madami pala.

     Me and my 2 older daughters can't help but really laugh our hearts out... Haay Amaya!!!