November 29, 2011

Next To You- Chris Brown ft Justin Bieber Acoustic Cover (Jorge and Alex...

I don't know if you have seen in YouTube the video of a father-daughter tandem singing their own versions of songs in the hit charts acapella style. I have seen them in my niece's wall in Facebook. Thanks to Ate Celine for sharing this.

This is one video that I got really teary-eyed. When they sang their own version of this song, NEXT TO YOU originally by Chris Brown ft. Justin Bieber. It was only then one will realize what is the message of the song. I love how Alexa sing her lines and at the same time show her sign of affection to her father. One would see how beautiful their relationship is.

I got teary-eyed more because it reminded me of my 3 daughters and their Tatay, as we fondly call Francis. Each of my daughters have their unique relationship to their father. I believe I have found a song appropriate for my 3 daughters and their tatay.

I hope that you will love this version as much as I love it... :)

November 25, 2011

One More Month To Go

It is exactly one more month and it is Christmas once again. Have you done some Christmas shopping? Me? Not yet. But my kids have already told me that they have already picked who will be there ka-kris kringle sa school. Ano ba naman yan? Wala pa masyadong budget eto na ulit ang gastos. Whew. Buti na lang ang budget given for the exchange gift is 250.00. It is kinda a problem as well kasi sa panahon ba ngayon may 250.00 pa ba?! Haaay. So this weekend my family will try to go to SM and look for something na worth 250.00.

Have you decorated your house for the coming Christmas? Me, not yet. I know it is the last Saturday of the month, but tomorrow my daughters and I will be decorating our small Christmas tree. To give you an idea how small our tree is, it will take us like less than 30 minutes to set it up. Hahaha! Even though it is a small one, I could assure you that it is a cute one. ;)

So see November is about to end and yet I haven't started on any of the two things mentioned above. Hahaha! Sorry naman daw dami po talaga kasing ginagawa. Now I could really say that time really flies so fast.

November 24, 2011

Quote no. 27

Discovery consists of seeing what

everybody has seen,

And thinking what nobody

has thought.

(Albert Szent-Gyorgyi)


Lately mu husband and I had a conversation where to place the money has save up. Few of my friends told him to place it in a Mutual Fund, Time Deposit, or invest it somewhere else. So what I did, I went to Bank of Philippine Islands or BPI and inquire what is/are the best option that is open for an ordinary person like me and my husband. So a good friend mo mine (and college classmate as well) who is working at BPI introduced me to two of the best option/s the bank could offer. NOTE: As I write it here is the way I understood it, I am no financial expert or what ever.

As my friend told me, these 2 are almost the same except that it is up to the bank where they are going to invest your money. Initial investment in either of the 2 is 50,000.00 pesos. As the way I understoom it, it's more or less about stocks, so if you're a risk taker, it is up to you how much are you willing to invest in these kinds of funds. My good friend told me as well, that as much as possible, they advise their clients to just invest 50% of their savings so that in case of emergency you have that money on hand already.

2. Another interesting option my friend presented to me is the SDA or SPECIAL DEPOSIT ACCOUNT this is under Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas or BSP. This is more okay than a Time Deposit.

I am not really good with numbers, interest and in the financial world but I am just sharing to all of you where you could invest your hard earned money. You could visit any bank and inquire the above mentioned investments and other things they could offer you. The more choices you have the more you could think about it. Be sure to make a wise decision because this is your hard earned money.

*note: This is not a paid ad for BPI. It so happen that me and my husband are happy clients of the said bank.

November 23, 2011

What are You Thankful For?

Tomorrow, November 24, Americans (and other citizens of the other part of the World) will be celebrating THANKSGIVING and since this occasion is not really recognized here in our country, I want to have my own Top 5 that I am thankful for and here they are:

1. GOOD HEALTH - Every time I go and hear mass or pray at night I never fail to Thank God for blessing me and my family with good health. Nowadays, it is kinda scary to get sick with all these viruses and diseases that surrounds us. I may have all the money in the world but I don't want to spend it on medications and hospitalizations. As one ad says: MAHAL MAGKASAKIT (it's is expensive to get sick).

2. FRANCIS VARGAS RACAL - I am so thankful to God for blessing (giving) me a husband who is intelligent, have a good sense of humor and cute husband. Francis is not only my husband, but my BEST-FRIEND, CRITIC AND PARTNER. I would never have it any other way or man for that one. Hehehe!

3. ARIELLE, JOIE & AMAYA - I am so thankful to God for giving me 3 beautiful and intelligent daughters. With my 2 older ones, we have conflicts, petty quarrels and all which is normal to any parent-daughter(s) relationship. But I am thankful as well for they, Arielle and Joie, do listen to me and at the same time I DO listen to them as well. With my youngest, siya ang taga-burn ng calories ko. For she is so very malikot, I really have to be there because once na tumahimik ang paligid ko for sure may ginagawa yan na ndi kaaya-aya STILL I love her. I do love my 3 angels.

4. FRIENDS & FAMILY Francis used to tease me when I was starting my FB because I have few friends that I usually accept and add in my friends list. This I told him: It is okay that I have a few friends because I know these friends of mine are the people I want to be with and that they are the only people I could be myself. With regards to my Family, no matter what happens at the end of the day, I know and I believe I could count on them.

5. MY LIFE - Cliche as it may sound I am thankful to God for giving me my life because I have made friends with people who have accepted me for who I am; I have a family who loves me for who I am too; and I have my husband and daughters who are my WIND BENEATH MY WINGS. I may be ONLY a housewife but I know to my family I am making a difference to them. I may be living a simple life with problems that I encounter (as a mother, wife and as a person every now and then), with "luho" that I and my husband, could afford, every now and then, I love my life and I am THANKFUL TO GOD for giving me a wonderful life and people I truly cherish and love.

November 22, 2011

Quote no. 26

Be what you are.

This is the first step toward

Becoming better than you are.

(August W. Hare)

"WHAT" and "IF"

"What" and "IF" are two words as non-threatening as words can be. But put them together side-by-side and they have the power to haunt you for the rest of you life: WHAT IF?
These lines is from the movie "Letters to Juliet". Don't worry I am not going to talk about the movie. But just focus on the two words: WHAT IF. I have to admit there were those times that I do have my what if moments like: What if I am a working mother? What if I just have 2 daughters? What if I am living in another country? Do I sound like I regret something. NO. Of course not, let us jsut say that I am wondering my what if's. Don't tell me that you have no WHAT IF's in your life? That once you never though of these two powerful words, as Claire puts it.

One of my what if is: What If I did not meet and married my husband Francis? Will I ever have beautiful and intelligent daughters? Will I be the woman I am right now? Hahaha! Biglang nasundan ng 2 questions pa. There will always be questions on our mind aside from What If and I believe that it is up to us how are we going to find the answers to these questions. So how about you, do you have any What If(s) in your life?

*image is from Google images*

November 21, 2011

Our Usual Conversation

This morning after Amaya took her bath and I was putting her clothes on we had this conversation and I should have seen it coming...Know why.

Me: Amaya, where do you want to go on you birthday? (to think next month pa)
Amaya: Mom, Mcdo lang. (McDonald's in short...)

Me: wow! how nice naman...sure anak...

Amaya: then I will seat on the chair...

Me: (starting to wonder already) of course Amaya we will definitely seat...(akala siguro take out na lang)

Amaya: then I will be in a long dress and then blow the candle sa cake.

Me: ngek! party pala ang gusto mo. (hahaha!) Tell your tatay about it.

Lesson: never ask again. Hahaha! She remembered the last party we went to. Ayun tuwing dadaan kami ng Mcdo, may party daw dun. Hahaha!

November 20, 2011

Thank you...Francis...

I would like to say thank you to my hubby for giving me my advance Christmas gift last night. Still having a difficult time using the keypad, or I really don't know what to call this one. Hahahaha! My daughters are having a blast as well. And at the same time I thank Steve Jobs for his ingenuity and that I love Steve Jobs... :))

November 19, 2011

An Open Letter to my Daughter Ate Joie

To our dearest Ate Joie,
Exactly 12 years ago when came in our lives - Tatay, Ate Arielle and of course me, your mom. If I remember it right I just finished ironing our clothes and I was watching something in our t.v. when i felt some pain. And the pain were stronger, eh I have this small tolerance of pain, just a little of it parang kung napaano na ang nangyari. So your tatay decided to bring me to Lipa Medix Hospital while Ate Arielle was left in the care of Lola Coring.

Few hours after you came out but I got worried because I NEVER HEARD YOU CRY not until a few minutes. Your tatay told me that for a few hours an oxygen have to be administer to you, but after a while you could breathe on your own already. The first time I saw you, you were so small, as in. Tears fell from my eyes. So I vowed to myself to breastfeed you as much as I can. After 2 days my OB-GYNE told me that I could go home already but your Pediatrician did not allow you to leave the hospital yet for you have jaundice so you have to stay for a few more days in the Nursery and I really felt so bad and so sad.

And finally when you were allowed to go home, your tatay and I were so happy because FINALLY your Ate Arielle will finally see you and so as the rest of the family. You were breastfed just for a month and a half becuase you were so MATAKAW that a formula milk has to be given, as an alternative for the breast milk. Just for a few month, grabe, ang bilis ng paglaki mo, LITERALLY.

And now as you turn 12, you're still MATAKAW. But I am happy that you love to eat and is very healthy rather than seeing you have and asthma. You and I are TOTALLY OPPOSITE, but as the saying goes OPPOSITE ATTRACTS. Just like Ate Arielle, we have our fights, petty quarrels and all but I guess that is part of a mother-daughter relationship and just like Ate Arielle we could talk and sort out our differences. I also allow you to air your side, tell me how you feel and all.

And now that your 12, here are few hopes, wishes and dreams I have for you:

1. I wish that you will always be healthy, no more asthma attack for you. Hirap mo kaya painumin ng gamot.

2. Please study hard, as I always tell you and Ate Arielle, EDUCATION is the only TREASURE your tatay and I could give the three of you. Para at the same time you could be whatever you want to be in the future.

3. Continue doing what your good at, like your drawing skills. As much as we want you to have that "training", you know we can't give it to you but despite of it, You still prove me and tatay that you're doing and giving your best in this field.

4. Lastly, choose friends that will help you grow into a better person. You are a smart young lady Joie, I know you could find friends carefully.

I hope that when you've reached your dream(s) you will never forget your sisters, tatay and me. I am so proud of you, Anak (and I know that tatay is too) and continue to make us proud.

Always remember that, we may fight or have quarrels, I love you so much and dearly. You never fail to make me and the whole family laugh, Ate Joie.

Study hard, anak. God bless you! Always remember that mommy and tatay are always here for you.

I love you so very much... Always...


November 18, 2011

Quote no. 25

If you're going to be

thinking anything,

You might as well

think BIG...

(Donald Trump)

Breaking Dawn (Part 1): Now Showing

Ever since I have watched Twilight, with my brother T.J, I got hooked with it. LITERALLY. Baliktad ano?! But for me it is just okay, at least I know who's who. When I began reading the next 3 books, I have these imaginations running in my head of how the characters will act or move in the books. Actually my twilight books are birthday gifts from people who are willing enough to appease my craziness over the series.

NEW MOON - was given to me by my youngest
brother Angelo and his girlfriend Karen.

ECLIPSE - was given to by my brother
Doyle(who came next after me) and
his girlfriend Elaine.

BREAKING DAWN - was given to me by my brother T.J.

To be honest, I have read the Twilight series a LOT OF TIMES. Among the four books,
I love Eclipse the most. I pity Jacob Black because of how much he really loves Bella. The best
line I love in the book is: I WILL BE WAITING IN THE WINGS, BELLA (Jacob Black).

And now that the first part of the movie Breaking Dawn is showing, my daughters and I can't
hardly wait to watch it and see for ourselves of how did the movie turn out to be.

*all images used were from Google images*

November 17, 2011

Speakin' Dollar

Most of you will definitely laugh and wonder what's with the title of my blog today. But to most of us who could speak English (some fluently, others not), this is usually the term used. An ordinary person, let's say here in the Province, Lipa, once na marinig kang mag-English speaking lalo na kung hindi ka naman American citizen, eh ang tingin agad sa yo eh: MAARTE, MAYABANG, MAYAMAN.

Some people just don't realize that English is a medium of conversation not only among the rich. Once you are educated, whether by public or private institution, you could speak and write in English form. I don't see anything wrong when a person is speaking in English, naaaliw pa nga ako kasi bukod sa tagalog, o kahit anong dialect, marunong silang mag-English.

One time my daughter Arielle, came home and told me that they have a rule in school that if they are caught speaking in tagalog/Filipino they will be given a minus point in their English subject. So as not to be fined, she doesn't talk/speak at all. And I asked her: Why aren't you speaking in English? Samantalang when you were small until you went to pre-school ang galing-galing mong mag-english. The she said: Eh kasi po mommy nung 1 araw narinig ko yung dalawa (2) kong classmates, pinag-uusapan ako. Bakit daw ako English ng English, ang ARTE-ARTE ko daw.

Upon hearing this I felt bad. Really bad. Kasi as a mother, I told her, teaching her to speak in English is a way of conversation as well. Wala naman akong ituturo na ikasasama mo. Until now I rarely hear her speak in English because of these comments from her classmates.

I'm just hoping that maalis na sa ugali nating mga Filipino yung pag narinig kang nag-Eenglish eh maarte ka or what, instead ang galing naman niya. I think it's better to hear the latter one.

November 16, 2011

New Design

I decided to change the template of my blog... Since I can't pay for somebody to do a "renovation" on my blog and the design I want is not available, I will settle for the one I have right one. It is simple and easy to read ( I hope).

I hope that you will like the new design of my blog. Enjoy reading.

Quote no. 24

A clear vision backed by definite plans,

Gives you a tremendous feeling of

Confidence and personal power.

(Brian Tracey)

What to do on a Rainy Day like this?

Lately it has been raining and to be it's kinda difficult to do things that one normally do especially it is a rainy day like today. Anyway here are my TOP 5 for this week. What I (and most of us) usually do on a rainy day (just like today)

- Aminin especially on a school day like today, getting up to prepare your kids to go to school is really, really difficult. In tagalog, NAKAKATAMAD. But what I usually do is, IF my youngest is still asleep, I go back to bed and sleep a little longer... *wink*

- This is really a good time to chat, even for a short period of time, with the kids and your hubby. ( that is if it falls on a weekend, hahaha!)

- Since it will be too lazy to go out and drink coffee in the nearby Starbucks Coffee store, it is better to do it at home. For me and my hubby, a 3-in-1 coffee will do and Milo for the kids, okay na, nakatipid pa.

- Aminin! This is one staple food that shouldn't be missed on a weather like this. Lagyan lang ng evaporated milk, aaaahhhh, sarap.

- Either DVDs, VCDs, or in Cable Channel, as long as you are with your whole family, that will be more than enough to stay in doors.

What you usually do on a day like this? Share naman....

November 14, 2011

Busy as a Bee

I am so sorry that I haven't been updating my blog. It has been a busy week for me and the kids. Especially the Christmas is (literally) just around the corner... Until tomorrow fellow bloggers and readers... :D

November 10, 2011

Quote no. 23

I have not failed.

I have just found 10,000 ways

that won't work.

- Thomas Edison

Telephone Etiquette(?)

Last week, while I was doing my chores ( remember I don't have any helpers with me) our phone rang. So ako naman takbo ( I ran) to answer it. A little girl answered: "Pwede kay Sunshine?" I replied (with matching kunot ng noo as if naman nakikita ako) "Sinong Sunshine?". Then the kid replied: "Ay! Mali" sabay baba ng phone. Hello!? Then I went back to the kitchen and continue doing what I was doing. Walang 5 minutes, the phone rang again. So takbo ulit ako, when I answered it, HINDI nasagot but I can hear him/her breathing. So I got really pissed of and said: "PAUSAP HA! Ang dami-dami kong ginagawa, paki-dial ng tama yang numbers mo!" To my readers sorry if I answered the this way kasi nga ang dami-dami kong ginagawa.

Just imagine, ako na yung inistorbo at binastos ako pa din ang NAKIUSAP. Susme! i really don't understand why there are people out there WHO DOESN'T KNOW HOW TO USE THE TELEPHONE, especially if it is a landline. Hindi ko na nga pina-publish yung number namin sa Telephone Directory, I still don't know (and get it) why there are people who are very inconsiderate.

Tapos, a few nights ago, a classmate of my daughter called. She asked if she could talk to Arielle. Sabi ko: "Iha tulog na eh. Sino ito?" She replied: "Classmate po niya". And then I said: "I know, pero anong pangalan mo, para masabi ko bukas ng umaga kay Arielle that you called". And it was only then she told me her name. Haaay.

Hindi sa nagmamagaling ako but to the parents, I hope we could teach our kids some mannersin using the telephone. Teach them to say: Good Morning, Good afternoon or Good evening. Kung gusto naman ng tagalog pwede din naman: Magandang Umaga po, Magandang Hapon po, o Magandang gabi po. Then, IF ever the person they are looking for is not around sana they should say THANK YOU.

These are just simple manners in using the phone. One does not have to go to a good school to learn these things. Ang mga magulang dapat ang magturo ng mga basic good manners and right conduct... Hello?!

November 9, 2011

Movie Actors That Catch My Attention

I have to admit every now and then when you watch TV shows or movies, somebody will definitely caught (my) your attention. For my TOP 5 this week, I would like to share movie actors that "caught my attention". In short crushes. Hahaha!

1. TOM CRUISE - seriously?! Who wouldn't have?!
aminin at one point or another naging crush din
ng bayan si Tom Cruise.

2. BRAD PITT - Susme! Yun na ang reaction ko.

3. ALEX O' LOUGHLIN - Naman! The very
reason why I watch the series Hawaii Five - O

4. TAYLOR LAUTNER - Jacob Black in the house.
Ever since I read Eclipse, I went from
Team Edward to Team Jacob. (balimbing
na kung balimbing. hahaha!)

5. WILL SMITH - Who wouldn't?! I love him
in all the Bad Boys movies and I love him
especially in the movie Hitch. Handsome na
Matalino pa.

So these are my top 5 who really caught my attention all these times. How about you?

*all images are from google images*

November 8, 2011

If I Could Only Have One...

I was reading Ms. Toni Tiu's blog this morning and it caught me this one and I hope it is okay with her if I do this. I really found it so aliw. Hehehe!

Here we go: If I could only have one________ for life, what would it be?

1. Condiment - Fish Sauce (Patis) I usually eat with patis on the table as my sawsawan. Feeling ko hindi kumpleto ang pagkain ko if wala ang patis sa tabi ko.

2. City to Live in - New York. Since the question is Hypothetical, let's dream big on this one. Since most of my relatives are in this city, I would love to go and visit them plus all the wonderful sites as well.

3. Place to Vacation - Paris. I wanted to visit this place because of their delicious pastry(pastries), the museums and all.

4. Color to Wear - Blue. I really love this color and it usually blends well with the other colors as well.

5. Celebrity/Character Crush: Tom Cruise. For life na ito...

6. Dessert to Eat: Anything chocolate...Chocoholic po.

7. Book to Read: The Twilight Series. Probably for others super babaw ang book na ito but reading the 4 books okay na ako...

8. Television Series to Watch - all CSI series. From Las Vegas to Miami to New York

9. Cartoon Character as a Roommate: the Powerpuff girls. These 3 represents my 3 daughters.

10. Type of Food to Eat (assuming that we can sustain ourselves easily off of one thing) - Pizza...basta ang topping eh meat at cheese tapos thin crust, any brand will do.

I am tagging Rachel, Cielo, Tetcha, Fleur, Icar and YOU. If you're supposed to be working but reading this post instead. *wink*

November 6, 2011

2 Birthday Parties in one day

Yesterday, November 5, 2011 my daughters and I attended 2 birthday parties. One is a 7th birthday celebration held at Mcdonald's Lipa Highway and the other party is the 18th birthday celebration held at Green Leaf Resort here also in Lipa.
The first party we went to was the 7th birthday. It was a fun day for us but I believe for the kids more. Imagine the games and the prizes which I believe is what was in every kids mind when joining games and going to birthday parties (hehehe!). The only thing with the games was that it was not that much fun for the kids though. Most of the kids were looking forward to the longest greeting that I believe would have been much better than that of the trivia questions for the characters of the fastfood chain, nag-practice pa man din ang mga anak ko for that contest tapos wala pala, tsk...tsk...tsk.

Here are some of the pics that I took at the party of my niece, Leslie Carig, the celebrant.

the tarpaulin for the celebrant

the celebrant, Leslie Carig

the beautiful cake and the cupcakes
(super yummy ang cupcakes na yan)

the balloons and some of the
give-aways for the party

the games for the kids, ito masaya ito

another game for the kids

even us mothers (except for the lady na
naka-long sleeves, my cousin Lai, she is
still single) joined a game just for the
prizes which is for our kids. (hehehe)

the celebrant with her daddy Terry,
mommy Chillet, and sister Lianne

the kids turn to have their picture
taken with Kid Mcdo (that's my daughter
Amaya with the white balloon).

After the party at Mcdo we went straight to the 18th birthday of another niece of mine, France at the Green Leaf Resort. Here debut theme was Luau party. Sorry that I could not post any pictures because the battery of my camera was on a low batt that night (bad...bad...) But all in all my kids and I had a great Saturday night. They had their party, I had mine as well.

November 4, 2011

Quote no. 22

Enjoy the little things, for one day

You may look back and realize

They were the big things

(Robert Brault)

1st Family Day

October 29, 2011 Early Start Learning Center ( the school where my daughters go to) held their very first Family Day at the Community Park in Granja Lipa City. There were some glitches here and there since it was a first time for the school and for all of us. But I have seen how the students, parents and especially the teachers that they had a great time. Hoping that there will be more family days to come. Here are some of the pictures during that day.

the tarpaulin that greeted the students,
parents, teachers and the
alumni of the school.

the pre-elementary students are
preparing for the fun run

the girls of gr.5 and 6

the teachers of Early Start LearningCenter

the kids enjoying the parlor games
prepared for the pre-elementary

November 2, 2011

It's all about Me....

It's the 1st Wednesday of the month November. And for this week's top 5, it will be focused on myself (naks!). I want to share naman yung ugali/attitude ko, good and bad (ooohhh). I hope after listing my TOP 5, you will still come back and read my blog.... *crossing my fingers*

1. LOYAL FRIEND - buhatan na ito ng sariling bangko, but it's true. IF you're really my friend,
no matter what happens, walang iwanan sa ere.

2. IF I DON'T LIKE YOU, DON'T PUSH IT - sorry but it's true. Hindi sa nagsusuplada ako or what. Pero parang I have this feeling/instinct/gut na if I don't like you, I really don't talaga. Siguro for others after they read this, they will tell me, it's your loss BUT okay lang because I have a lot that I like in life already. And besides ako naman ang pwede magsabi who's who in my life. *wink*

3. I DON'T EASILY FORGET THINGS - hahaha! Di ba may kasabihan na FORGIVE AND FORGET. I could forgive you, BUT I won't easily forget what bad deed you have done to me, my family and my friends.

4. THINK BEFORE YOU SAY IT - Before I would say what I want to say not thinking if my words (or actions) will hurt other people. Francis taught me this, before you open your mouth be sure to think it over because whatever you will say, you can't take it back anymore.

5. I LAUGH OVER MY PROBLEMS - Weird ba?! Ito lang naman ang puwede natin gawin because problems come and go. Whether it is a small or big one. Besides this is one trait that we, Filipinos have. Even my mother in law loves to hear me laugh because nakakadala daws at parang walang problema. As what I usually reply: It is up to us how are we going to handle our problems. As if naman lulubayan tayo ng problema?!

So there you have it, at least one way or another you know me already. How about you?! Any good or bad traits you have and would like to share?

November Already!

The past few days here in Lipa, my kids and I have noticed the cool breeze every morning and the coldness of the weather from 5 in the afternoon onwards. Para ano pa kung saan ang pagiging 3rd highest place ng lugar namin if ndi mararamdaman ang lamig. hahaha! As I have posted in my facebook account, it's time to wear our jackets.

The month of November is special for me, aside from the birthdays of some people I know (who are dear to me), it is the birth month of my second daughter Joie (pronounced as JO-WEE). She will be turning 12 on the 2oth of this month.