November 23, 2011

What are You Thankful For?

Tomorrow, November 24, Americans (and other citizens of the other part of the World) will be celebrating THANKSGIVING and since this occasion is not really recognized here in our country, I want to have my own Top 5 that I am thankful for and here they are:

1. GOOD HEALTH - Every time I go and hear mass or pray at night I never fail to Thank God for blessing me and my family with good health. Nowadays, it is kinda scary to get sick with all these viruses and diseases that surrounds us. I may have all the money in the world but I don't want to spend it on medications and hospitalizations. As one ad says: MAHAL MAGKASAKIT (it's is expensive to get sick).

2. FRANCIS VARGAS RACAL - I am so thankful to God for blessing (giving) me a husband who is intelligent, have a good sense of humor and cute husband. Francis is not only my husband, but my BEST-FRIEND, CRITIC AND PARTNER. I would never have it any other way or man for that one. Hehehe!

3. ARIELLE, JOIE & AMAYA - I am so thankful to God for giving me 3 beautiful and intelligent daughters. With my 2 older ones, we have conflicts, petty quarrels and all which is normal to any parent-daughter(s) relationship. But I am thankful as well for they, Arielle and Joie, do listen to me and at the same time I DO listen to them as well. With my youngest, siya ang taga-burn ng calories ko. For she is so very malikot, I really have to be there because once na tumahimik ang paligid ko for sure may ginagawa yan na ndi kaaya-aya STILL I love her. I do love my 3 angels.

4. FRIENDS & FAMILY Francis used to tease me when I was starting my FB because I have few friends that I usually accept and add in my friends list. This I told him: It is okay that I have a few friends because I know these friends of mine are the people I want to be with and that they are the only people I could be myself. With regards to my Family, no matter what happens at the end of the day, I know and I believe I could count on them.

5. MY LIFE - Cliche as it may sound I am thankful to God for giving me my life because I have made friends with people who have accepted me for who I am; I have a family who loves me for who I am too; and I have my husband and daughters who are my WIND BENEATH MY WINGS. I may be ONLY a housewife but I know to my family I am making a difference to them. I may be living a simple life with problems that I encounter (as a mother, wife and as a person every now and then), with "luho" that I and my husband, could afford, every now and then, I love my life and I am THANKFUL TO GOD for giving me a wonderful life and people I truly cherish and love.

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