November 9, 2011

Movie Actors That Catch My Attention

I have to admit every now and then when you watch TV shows or movies, somebody will definitely caught (my) your attention. For my TOP 5 this week, I would like to share movie actors that "caught my attention". In short crushes. Hahaha!

1. TOM CRUISE - seriously?! Who wouldn't have?!
aminin at one point or another naging crush din
ng bayan si Tom Cruise.

2. BRAD PITT - Susme! Yun na ang reaction ko.

3. ALEX O' LOUGHLIN - Naman! The very
reason why I watch the series Hawaii Five - O

4. TAYLOR LAUTNER - Jacob Black in the house.
Ever since I read Eclipse, I went from
Team Edward to Team Jacob. (balimbing
na kung balimbing. hahaha!)

5. WILL SMITH - Who wouldn't?! I love him
in all the Bad Boys movies and I love him
especially in the movie Hitch. Handsome na
Matalino pa.

So these are my top 5 who really caught my attention all these times. How about you?

*all images are from google images*


  1. Mga Papalicious! Crush ng bayan namn talaga si Tom Cruise!

  2. @anney: hahaha! papalicious ba?! thanks for reading it. :D


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