November 10, 2011

Telephone Etiquette(?)

Last week, while I was doing my chores ( remember I don't have any helpers with me) our phone rang. So ako naman takbo ( I ran) to answer it. A little girl answered: "Pwede kay Sunshine?" I replied (with matching kunot ng noo as if naman nakikita ako) "Sinong Sunshine?". Then the kid replied: "Ay! Mali" sabay baba ng phone. Hello!? Then I went back to the kitchen and continue doing what I was doing. Walang 5 minutes, the phone rang again. So takbo ulit ako, when I answered it, HINDI nasagot but I can hear him/her breathing. So I got really pissed of and said: "PAUSAP HA! Ang dami-dami kong ginagawa, paki-dial ng tama yang numbers mo!" To my readers sorry if I answered the this way kasi nga ang dami-dami kong ginagawa.

Just imagine, ako na yung inistorbo at binastos ako pa din ang NAKIUSAP. Susme! i really don't understand why there are people out there WHO DOESN'T KNOW HOW TO USE THE TELEPHONE, especially if it is a landline. Hindi ko na nga pina-publish yung number namin sa Telephone Directory, I still don't know (and get it) why there are people who are very inconsiderate.

Tapos, a few nights ago, a classmate of my daughter called. She asked if she could talk to Arielle. Sabi ko: "Iha tulog na eh. Sino ito?" She replied: "Classmate po niya". And then I said: "I know, pero anong pangalan mo, para masabi ko bukas ng umaga kay Arielle that you called". And it was only then she told me her name. Haaay.

Hindi sa nagmamagaling ako but to the parents, I hope we could teach our kids some mannersin using the telephone. Teach them to say: Good Morning, Good afternoon or Good evening. Kung gusto naman ng tagalog pwede din naman: Magandang Umaga po, Magandang Hapon po, o Magandang gabi po. Then, IF ever the person they are looking for is not around sana they should say THANK YOU.

These are just simple manners in using the phone. One does not have to go to a good school to learn these things. Ang mga magulang dapat ang magturo ng mga basic good manners and right conduct... Hello?!

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