March 26, 2013

Summer Get-Away

Summer is OFFICIALLY here. It is sooo freaking hot and what is the best way to beat this heat than to go on an outing. My family had an impromptu family outing last week. It has been 2 years since the last time we went out on a family swimming. (click here) So when hubby talked to me that morning and asked me if we want to go on another swimming, we all said YES immediately. He told me of this resort,VALENTINO RESORT AND SPA. I didn't know that there is such a place within our area. So I immediately called if there is any cottage(s) available for a family of 5. And sure enough they accommodated us, but then again I have to pay 1 for Amaya since the amount we will be paying upon entering is just good for 4. Check in time is at 2:00 pm so we were there on the dot. We were that excited. Hahaha! Enough of this and let the pictures talk its way to you my dear bloggers.  

This the reception area of
the resort

This is our cottage called

The entrance to the

As soon as you enter
this sofa set will
greet you

This is the dining table/area

the small kitchen minus the

the bedroom which will accomodate
3 to 4 persons, but they
could give you additional bed/s

I so love this lighting...

the flat screen... 

the cabinet where you could
place your clothes

there is a phone whenever
you need something, they
are just a call away

the veranda 

this is another lighting that I love

the bathroom with heater

the lavatory, which I like to have
in my dream house... 

complimentary of the resort 

this is the view from the
cottage we rented... how relaxing isn't it?!

the girls tried walking through
this and my youngest didn't like it though.

this is the pool nearest to
our cottage.... 

the reception area to the spa

inside the spa

one of the many rooms for massage,
this room is for couples who
want to have a massage together

once you're inside the resort,
you're not suppose to remove this bracelet
or else you have to pay a fine

this is the breakfast of my daughter

this on the other hand is the
breakfast of my 2 other girls

this is me with my girls... 
        When we got there, the maintenance of the resort where doing some cleaning and painting of some of the gates and all. There was no cable connection when we got there, but on the other hand this is on my favor because we were able to really bond and have a good time. The heater in our cottage is not really functioning well and the person who knows to do the work was on a day off that time. But as the saying goes if there is a will there is definitely a way. Don't forget to bring OFF LOTION because as soon as it gets dark there are really mosquitoes already. We had the 2 pools, which is nearer to our cottage, to ourselves. This is why we had a great time swimming to our hearts content. All in all this is one family experience my daughters, hubby and I would never forget. I could say that what we paid is really worth it. So if you want to go and just relax even just for few days, try this resort.

Valentino Resort and Spa
Brgy. Pinagtung-ulan, San Jose, Batangas
Tel. Nos: (043)783-0558, 09184952338, 09208025023   

March 12, 2013

Stage Play: Finals 2013

 Yesterday I posted the video of my daughter singing the main theme song of their play, entitled BEAUTY AND THE BEAST (click here). So today I will share with you my dear readers, the annual Finals Play from the school, Early Start Learning Center. Actually the levels included in the plays are from grades 4, 5, and 6. Prior to the Finals last Saturday, March 9. There were an elimination held at the school grounds of the said school last March 7. The winners that went on to the finals were 2 sections from grade 4 and 2 section from grade 6. It was supposed to be just 3 winners that will moving to the finals but it so happened that were a tie so 4 sections went on instead. Anyway, I will share with you some of the pictures from the Finals of the Play.

The trophies for the best play

Trophies for every individual
who gave their all in their performance

This play is done by grade and the title
of this play is Wizard of Oz

These are grade 4 students as well,
characters are from Alice in Wonderland

This young lade, a grade 4 student,
is really good and played the role
of the Queen




Lumiere and Cogsworth

Mrs. Potts (portrayed by my daughter)
with Lumiere

Belle and the Beast dancing

Mrs. Potts singing 

The grade 6 students that did Beauty and the Beast

Earl, from grade 6, won best supporting actor

the grade 4 student (sorry forgot her name) won
the best supporting actress

Nat, from grade 6 won best actor

Janelle, from grade 6, won best actress

Grade 6 St. Francis won the best play

      This year's play is bitter sweet for me and my daughters. Bitter because it is the LAST TIME that these kids will perform on stage, share their talents whether in acting, doing the props, directing, musical scoring and all. Sweet because they will be leaving on high spirits knowing that they won first place. To the parents of these students, congratulations as well. I guess the parents of these students are their number supporters. To the teachers who never gets tired of doing these plays every year, THANK YOU because it is one way of letting these kids show their other talents aside from doing good in academics.

March 11, 2013

One Proud Momma


     Hi! My dear blog readers, I know it has been a while since the last time I really posted. So for this month of March, my 1st post will be my daughter singing during the Finals of their Play. My Ate Joie sang the main song, BEAUTY AND THE BEAST... I hope you will like it... I have never been so damn proud, despite some out of tunes, that I have to admit but then again, who cares. This will be the last time my daughter will be singing on stage. So without further ado, here is the video of my daughter Joie.