August 30, 2012

A Mommy Experience: BREASTFEEDING

Ever since I had my daughters, I have always wanted to breastfeed them. But I guess lady luck wasn't with me. I have heard the many benefits of breastfeeding. With my eldest, Arielle, I breastfed her for merely 2 weeks. My nipples got all sore, though Arielle really wanted to be breastfed, I was the one who gave up. Ndi kinaya ng powers ko. Then I got pregnant, with my second, Joie. I decided to breastfeed again but I did that with her for just 2 months. At that time (1998 and 1999) I still don't have internet access so I wasn't fully educated about breastfeeding and all. Unlike today there are a lot of blogs that could help moms to be about breastfeeding and all.

So when I got pregnant with my youngest, Amaya, I decided to breastfeed her. And this time I did it, though just for 5 months and a half. I was so happy that I was able to do that with her. The longest and I don't care if I have to wake up every 2 hours to feed her. Although her pediatrician has given my hubby the brand of milk that Amaya will be taking. I told hubby no, I want to breastfeed her. She was the smallest among my 3 daughters and I am so decided to breastfeed her no matter what happens. Let me share with you my blog readers some of the photos of Amaya before and after breastfeeding.

This is Amaya ( photo above) when we went
home already... How small...

She has skin asthma, on the photo above,
I started breastfeeding her already.

the 2 photos(above and down) is Amaya months
during our breastfeeding session.
super taba na. hahaha!

Know what one thing I have noticed with breastfeeding is this, there is this connection that despite the fact that she was still a baby, at the time of the photos, that every time I tell her to behave because I am not feeling well, she is really behaving. Pwamis. I guess she could really feel that. And now here is Amaya, she is in kindergarten at SilverCrest.

August 28, 2012

Arielle turns 14 years old

Today is the 14th birthday of my eldest daughter, KATHERINE ARIELLE. Time really flies soooo fast, literally. Since last year I wrote her a letter already (click here), this time I want to do this by showing some of her baby photos up to the latest ones.

Arielle at 4 months old, we visited
Lola Naty during Christmas of 1998.

During our vacation in Calamba,
she is 8 months already here.

This is during her 1st birthday
held at Nanay Coring's place. In
the photo with Arielle is her
Mamoo Tess

Here is Arielle, during one our trip
to Baguio with Hubby's family

this is her current photo, taken during
our mirienda at Max's Restaurant
at Solenad, 2 weeks ago.

To our Ate, as we fondly call her, happy, happy birthday! Thank you for making us, your whole family so proud of all the things you're doing especially sa studies mo. Continue what you're doing because it is up to you how will you fare in this what we call LIFE. Thank you for the love and respect you're giving me and your tatay. Thank you for sharing your little secrets with me. Thank you for loving your sisters even though most of the time they pisses you off. As in. Hahaha!

Be a good girl, be a good OLDER sister to your siblings and continue to be God fearing person.

I love you ate Arielle.... I know you will go a long, long, long way.

August 15, 2012

Amaya's Version of the National Anthem

     I would like to share with you my dear blog readers the version of my youngest daughter's version of the National Anthem. I could say she is in tune but pardon her lyrics. I really don't know where she got that. Hahaha! Enjoy people...

August 10, 2012

So Quick: The Simplest Marinade

*this blog is not an endorsement or what so ever....

Since I don't have someone with me to help me with some of the household chores, most of the times what is usually advertised on the television especially when it comes to cooking or frying I usually try it, as they say TRIAL AND ERROR. One time I so this So Quick by Ajinamoto on t.v. and told the kids that we will definitely try that one. So when I had the chance to finally buy the product, I tried it. So here are what you will need.

The So Quick Marinade Mix

Chicken Legs, I usually buy 7 to 8 pieces
then I usually slit some of the parts
of the legs so that when I fry it,
the inner part will be cooked as well

Dissolve 1 pack of So Quick to a
cup of water then stir it using a fork

Then place the chickens and
marinate it for 15 minutes or more

Then place cooking oil in
pan and let it heat,

fry 2 pieces at a time in the pan

If you have extra marinade and chicken
you could place it in a reusable
bag like in the photo above.

I apologize if I don't have a picture of the finished product because as soon as I took out the 1st 2 chickens from the pan, my girls got it already and ate it away. Hahaha! I hope with this simple recipe I could have helped you. Enjoy!

August 1, 2012

Time to Drink the Medicines

Last week I brought Amaya to the pediatrician because she has water stool for the past 2 days and I got scared she might go on dehydration. So she was checked and was given A LOT of medicines to take. I told the doctor that I am having a difficult time giving Amaya the medicines especially if it is not a good flavor. So she was kind enough to change the medicines that my daughter will love. So when we left the pediatrician's clinic and bought all of Amaya's medicines, I sat down and wrote in a scratch paper the time, the amount and how many days will be the medicines should be taken. Here is what I usually do:

If you would notice, the name of the medicine is on the right portion, then I placed more boxes for the date. I also include how much of the medicine she will be taking and then I check if she has taken it already.

I hope that this simple tip could help you in giving out the medicines in each member of your family especially if it is a lot.