August 30, 2012

A Mommy Experience: BREASTFEEDING

Ever since I had my daughters, I have always wanted to breastfeed them. But I guess lady luck wasn't with me. I have heard the many benefits of breastfeeding. With my eldest, Arielle, I breastfed her for merely 2 weeks. My nipples got all sore, though Arielle really wanted to be breastfed, I was the one who gave up. Ndi kinaya ng powers ko. Then I got pregnant, with my second, Joie. I decided to breastfeed again but I did that with her for just 2 months. At that time (1998 and 1999) I still don't have internet access so I wasn't fully educated about breastfeeding and all. Unlike today there are a lot of blogs that could help moms to be about breastfeeding and all.

So when I got pregnant with my youngest, Amaya, I decided to breastfeed her. And this time I did it, though just for 5 months and a half. I was so happy that I was able to do that with her. The longest and I don't care if I have to wake up every 2 hours to feed her. Although her pediatrician has given my hubby the brand of milk that Amaya will be taking. I told hubby no, I want to breastfeed her. She was the smallest among my 3 daughters and I am so decided to breastfeed her no matter what happens. Let me share with you my blog readers some of the photos of Amaya before and after breastfeeding.

This is Amaya ( photo above) when we went
home already... How small...

She has skin asthma, on the photo above,
I started breastfeeding her already.

the 2 photos(above and down) is Amaya months
during our breastfeeding session.
super taba na. hahaha!

Know what one thing I have noticed with breastfeeding is this, there is this connection that despite the fact that she was still a baby, at the time of the photos, that every time I tell her to behave because I am not feeling well, she is really behaving. Pwamis. I guess she could really feel that. And now here is Amaya, she is in kindergarten at SilverCrest.

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