August 10, 2012

So Quick: The Simplest Marinade

*this blog is not an endorsement or what so ever....

Since I don't have someone with me to help me with some of the household chores, most of the times what is usually advertised on the television especially when it comes to cooking or frying I usually try it, as they say TRIAL AND ERROR. One time I so this So Quick by Ajinamoto on t.v. and told the kids that we will definitely try that one. So when I had the chance to finally buy the product, I tried it. So here are what you will need.

The So Quick Marinade Mix

Chicken Legs, I usually buy 7 to 8 pieces
then I usually slit some of the parts
of the legs so that when I fry it,
the inner part will be cooked as well

Dissolve 1 pack of So Quick to a
cup of water then stir it using a fork

Then place the chickens and
marinate it for 15 minutes or more

Then place cooking oil in
pan and let it heat,

fry 2 pieces at a time in the pan

If you have extra marinade and chicken
you could place it in a reusable
bag like in the photo above.

I apologize if I don't have a picture of the finished product because as soon as I took out the 1st 2 chickens from the pan, my girls got it already and ate it away. Hahaha! I hope with this simple recipe I could have helped you. Enjoy!

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