November 29, 2012

Must Go: The Mind Museum

     Ever since I read this Mind Museum from one of the mommy bloggers I follow (click here), I have always wanted to go there with my kids and husband. And last Sunday, November 25, it happened. Yes I feel a kid who is so excited to go on a "field trip". I have to admit, my husband and I really saved up for this. For a 3 hour trip within the museum, it cost us 2,550.00 pesos. And I could really say that it is really worth it. My 2 older daughters really don't know where to start, where to look at, excited to go to the next floor. While my youngest, really enjoyed. It is THE one museum where I really allowed my youngest to really touch everything but of course with my guidance and my hubby's as well. Anyway, without much further a do, let me show you, my dear readers, via photo our trip.

Warning: LOADS OF PHOTOS... Enjoy....

Me and my daughters at
the lobby of the Mind Museum

This is KAL, as soon as you
enter the lobby, you will definitely
meet him
See how amazed my Amaya
with KAL

Here we are waiting for the
time to go inside the museum
(excited much!!!)
As you enter, you will definitely see this,
just a few reminders while inside
the museum

This is Aedi, spelled the idea
Here is one of the guides
whom shared a few things
before we really explore the whole museum

Meet Stan, and my Amaya is
scared of this.

This is one of the things I really
liked, I tried it and I tell you my hair even
in my skin really stand up. Look
at my older daughter's hair.

The periodic table. You will what products
symbolizes each element

Lucky for us we were
able to see simple experiments
from these two guys.

It is nice to be an archaeologist
even just for a few minutes. hehehe!

just like in the movie Jurassic Park

The different parts of the brain

The evolution of men. And I tell
you that woman with the long
hair really looks kinda real. It scared me
the first time I saw it. 
 The following pictures are inside the Mind Museum Store

My daughter taking picture
of some of the cards. While at the back
are some drinking bottles and other toys.

There are shirts and caps as well. 

Books for the kids 

This is nice a gift, a USB. too bad
I wasn't able to buy one.

The next photos are taken at the Mind Museum park

My Ate Joie, tried making
this giant bubble but when she
was about to stand up,
it burst.

This eagle, you could peek behind the holes
and you could see how the eagles
see at things.

the slides, where my 3 daughters
really enjoyed the most.

      This is one trip wherein my daughters and I really had a great time. So if you're not busy this coming weekend or this coming Christmas break, try going to the Mind Museum.

Click here to visit their website: The Mind Museum

November 27, 2012

My Current Favorite Song

     Before I go to bed, I just want to share with you my dear bloggers my current favorite song. Thanks to my 2 older daughters for introducing me to this song, ate Arielle and ate Joie. So enjoy it my dear blogger friends and readers. Good night... Sweet dreams...  ;)

November 22, 2012

The Time Keeper: My Favorite Quotes

     So the last post I talked about my current favorite book, The Time Keeper. In every book that I read, or we read, there will be those lines that will really stands out and that will remain in our heads. What I usually do is I have a stabilo or marker beside me so that I could underline or mark those lines that I really love.

just like in the photo... this is
what I usually do. hehehe!

     From this book, let me share with you my favorite lines or quotes...

- " Man alone measures time.
    Man alone chimes the hour.
   And, because of this, man 
  Alone suffers a paralyzing fear
  That no other creature endures.
  A fear of time running out..."

- "Mankind is connected in ways 
   it does not understand -
  even in dreams..."

- "It is never too late or too soon.
   It is when it is supposed to be."

- "You marked the minutes. But did you
   Use them wisely? To be still? To cherish?
   To be graceful? To lift & be lifted?"

- "Remember this always:
 There is a reason God limits man's days"

- "But man who can take
   Anything will find most things unsatisfying.
  And a man without memories is just a shell."

- "Time flies with you"

- "We all yearn for what we have lost.
   But sometimes, we forget what we have."

- "What will you do with the time you have left?"

- "A heart weighs more when it splits in two;
   It crashes in the chest like a broken plane"

- "Knowing something and understanding it
   were not the same thing."

- "Living without love was something he knew
   More than any soul on earth"

- "When does it stop hurting?
   Sometimes never..."

- "Time is not something you give back. The very
    next moment may be an answer to your prayer.
   To deny that is to deny the most important part
   Of the future. What's that? HOPE"

- "Ends are for yesterdays, not tomorrows."

- "With endless time, nothing is special, 
    With no loss or sacrifice, we can't 
    Appreciate what we have."

- "There is a reason God limits our days.
    To make each one precious"

- "There was always a quest for more minutes,
    More hours, faster progress to accomplish,
   More in each day. The simple joy of living 
   Between sunrises were gone."

- "Everything man does today to be efficient,
   To fill the hour? It does not satisfy. It only makes
  Him hungry to do more. Man wants to own his
  Existence. BUT NO ONE OWNS TIME."

- "We do not realize the sound the world makes -
    Unless, of course, it comes to a stop. Then, when
   It starts, it sounds like an orchestra."

- Dor: "I tried to stop your suffering"
  Alli: "We cannot stop what heaven chooses"


How about you? Have you read the book? What are your favorites? Can't wait to hear it from you...

November 20, 2012

Happy 13th Birthday Ate Joie!

     Today, is the 13th birthday of my 2nd daughter, Josephine Therese better known as Joie in our family and as called by her friends as well. Since last year I made an open letter to her already, (click post) this year I decided to use pictures as to let everybody knows how my little girl is now a young lady. Naks!

Joie when she was in 
junior kinder at ESLC

Ate Joie member of
the school choir

Ate Joie and her sister Ate Arielle
are both members of the
school newspaper

With me, during our
family outing here at Laiya

goofing in front of the 
camera with Ate Arielle

Ate Joie...

another profile picture
taken during the time we
went to MOA

Ate Joie's achievement as a
runner-up in the Binibining Kalikasan 2012

Another feather in her cap... She placed
5th in School Press Conference, 
and she will be going to 
Tagaytay on December

     To our Ate Joie, thank you anak, for always making me and your tatay so proud of all the achievements you have done... And I know you will go places for you know how to really strive hard. I love you so much anak, always remember that... God bless you...  :)

November 19, 2012

Book Rave: The Time Keeper

     I have seen this book, The Time Keeper, on display at the National Bookstore here at SM Lipa. Since I have been looking what book to read after The Fault In Our Stars by John Green, a good book by the way. This book caught my attention. To be honest, it will be my first time to read a book by Mitch Albom. Since it is one of the best-sellers I bought it immediately.

     But then due to my busy schedule as a mom to my 3 daughters, it is only recently that I began reading it. I would usually read the book every morning after my 2 older kids have left for school, and while my youngest and husband are still asleep. And last Friday, I finally finished reading the book. Yeah it took me a while to read it. But I could say IT IS INDEED ONE DAMN GOOD BOOK.

NOTE:   I am not really what you could call someone who is a book critic. It just so happened I love reading books but what I am going to share is how I felt about the book, the story and yes it made me realize a LOT OF THINGS... and most importantly ABOUT TIME.

   The 3 main characters are Dor, also known as the Father Time. Victor, a self made billionaire and married to the beautiful Grace. Sarah, a fat but intelligent girl. Three different stories but they have one thing in common: TIME. Dor, wanted to know more about time; Victor, wanted MORE and LONGER time despite of his old age and that he is sick. Sarah, on the other hand wanted to slow the time so she could spend a little longer with Ethan (the boy she thought "loves" her).

     I could honestly say that as one reads this book, one way or another, you could related to either of the 3 main characters. On my part, I could really relate more with Dor and Grace ( yes the wife of Victor). I admire her love for Victor despite her husband's busy schedule, travelling here and there, she still stood by him. Knowing that their marriage or relationship as husband and wife were greatly affected. On the other hand, I admire Dor's love to his wife, Alli. For Dor, his world is his wife and kids. His never-ending love for Alli, I felt that.

     As every second passes by be sure to really make a good use of it. Never waste any single moment dwelling on the past because it is IN THE PAST. What had happened cannot be UNDONE anymore. What is important is that we still have the PRESENT, to at least correct whatever wrong doing we may have done in the past. This is why it is very important for me, as a mother, to have a good relationship with each of my 3 daughters. I could do so much as a mom. The rest are still up to them.

     As for me being a wife, being in a marriage, is really a TOUGH JOB. Both of you must REALLY STRIVE to get the relationship going and working. I could assure you, every relationship, whether you're married or not, has really its ups and downs. All relationship go to tough times and it's up to both of you how are you going to resolve it.

     Now I believe that TIME IS INDEED GOLD and we should not waste a single second. If you're working, work hard but DON'T FORGET the people around you, especially your family. They are your backbone, I tell you. If you're "SINGLE" enjoy being one until the "right" one comes along. If you're YOUNG, enjoy your youth, for it will only come once.

   Lastly, don't forget to ENJOY LIFE for this too is just a once in a lifetime for all of us.

   Remember this: TIME FLIES

November 8, 2012

A Fun Day at Swimming Class

     Today is the last day of the swimming class of Amaya and her classmates. The teachers had a fun day of just having a contest among their students. They were grouped into 4 with 3 students each. All of the lessons they have learned in the past quarter were used. Here are some of the photos of the class.

The kids are being grouped 
into 4 members

This is my Amaya, instead of using
the kick board, she just clinged
to the neck of the teacher and kicked
her way to the other end. Hahaha!

The teachers let the kids use
the NOODLE, so that they
could kick and paddle

Amaya doing the bubbles... Instead of
putting her whole face down the
water, she is just LITERALLY 
doing bubbles on top of the water.

The whole class with teachers from
Bert Lozada Swimming School

     To the ever reliable swimming teachers from the Bert Lozada Swimming School, on behalf of all the mothers of the students, our heartfelt THANK YOU for all of your patience, understanding, and love you have given to our kids. We know that it is difficult to teach these kids but it paid off. Until next year. See you again.

November 5, 2012

I Am Still Here

     Hello!!! I know... I know... it has been a while since the last time I blogged. It was a busy one for me last month, October. My 2nd daughter was included in the Binibini at Ginoo Kalikasan, where she won as 2nd runner-up in the division level. For a first timer, she was really lucky. Here is my Ate Joie.

Her gown is made out of
plastic and the upper part
of the gown are made out
of straws
     Then exams for my girls came up so I have to be guide my 2 older ones while I did the reviewer for my youngest. I really did missed blogging. But there were those times that I don't know what to blog about, what to write about. But there are those times that I have ideas that I want to share but I am so shy to share for some might think that it is so shallow to be shared. And now that I don't have to be embarrassed if there are simple ideas, or thoughts in my mind that I want to share. Because THIS IS MY BLOG. Hahaha! So for the time being, this is going to be my first post for this month of November and I will definitely be blogging regularly.