November 19, 2012

Book Rave: The Time Keeper

     I have seen this book, The Time Keeper, on display at the National Bookstore here at SM Lipa. Since I have been looking what book to read after The Fault In Our Stars by John Green, a good book by the way. This book caught my attention. To be honest, it will be my first time to read a book by Mitch Albom. Since it is one of the best-sellers I bought it immediately.

     But then due to my busy schedule as a mom to my 3 daughters, it is only recently that I began reading it. I would usually read the book every morning after my 2 older kids have left for school, and while my youngest and husband are still asleep. And last Friday, I finally finished reading the book. Yeah it took me a while to read it. But I could say IT IS INDEED ONE DAMN GOOD BOOK.

NOTE:   I am not really what you could call someone who is a book critic. It just so happened I love reading books but what I am going to share is how I felt about the book, the story and yes it made me realize a LOT OF THINGS... and most importantly ABOUT TIME.

   The 3 main characters are Dor, also known as the Father Time. Victor, a self made billionaire and married to the beautiful Grace. Sarah, a fat but intelligent girl. Three different stories but they have one thing in common: TIME. Dor, wanted to know more about time; Victor, wanted MORE and LONGER time despite of his old age and that he is sick. Sarah, on the other hand wanted to slow the time so she could spend a little longer with Ethan (the boy she thought "loves" her).

     I could honestly say that as one reads this book, one way or another, you could related to either of the 3 main characters. On my part, I could really relate more with Dor and Grace ( yes the wife of Victor). I admire her love for Victor despite her husband's busy schedule, travelling here and there, she still stood by him. Knowing that their marriage or relationship as husband and wife were greatly affected. On the other hand, I admire Dor's love to his wife, Alli. For Dor, his world is his wife and kids. His never-ending love for Alli, I felt that.

     As every second passes by be sure to really make a good use of it. Never waste any single moment dwelling on the past because it is IN THE PAST. What had happened cannot be UNDONE anymore. What is important is that we still have the PRESENT, to at least correct whatever wrong doing we may have done in the past. This is why it is very important for me, as a mother, to have a good relationship with each of my 3 daughters. I could do so much as a mom. The rest are still up to them.

     As for me being a wife, being in a marriage, is really a TOUGH JOB. Both of you must REALLY STRIVE to get the relationship going and working. I could assure you, every relationship, whether you're married or not, has really its ups and downs. All relationship go to tough times and it's up to both of you how are you going to resolve it.

     Now I believe that TIME IS INDEED GOLD and we should not waste a single second. If you're working, work hard but DON'T FORGET the people around you, especially your family. They are your backbone, I tell you. If you're "SINGLE" enjoy being one until the "right" one comes along. If you're YOUNG, enjoy your youth, for it will only come once.

   Lastly, don't forget to ENJOY LIFE for this too is just a once in a lifetime for all of us.

   Remember this: TIME FLIES

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