September 20, 2012

Mommy Find: Artzooka Kit

     Yesterday after the card giving at Silver Crest, Amaya and I went to SM to buy few things at the grocery. But as usual before we went straight to the grocery, we went to the toy section of the department store. Luckily as we were passing, the sales lady was stocking up their new products, Artzooka Kits and other DYI kits. So first is first, what is Artzooka? Artzooka is a show where the host named, Jeremie shows the kids of what they could do with old, stuff found in the house. Here in the local cable Artzooka is shown over at Nickelodeon  usually at 4:00 p.m during weekdays.

The Product that is currently
available at SM
     So when Amaya saw this, she really begged to buy the product. The kit that we bought is worth 299.75. So After the begging and all, since she could do this on her own and besides she deserves a prize for making it to the honors list.
At the back of the kit shows
what is included in the box

The materials that Amaya
will be using for this Artzooka

There goes Amaya, pretty excited
to paint the rock and put the designs
on it as well
Amaya is mixing the colors on
the rock

One of Amaya's finished product

The color of one of the rocks
that Amaya made, this is the
other side of the rock.

Another project made by Amaya

     To the  mommies out there who will purchase this kind of Artzooka kit, be sure to assist your child in doing such art craft. Be sure to put used bond papers or old newspaper on top of the table or where ever you prefer to do your craft. I hope that you will enjoy doing this, as much as Amaya did. 

September 17, 2012

Leaning How To Swim

When I enrolled Amaya at SilverCrest, swimming is part of the curriculum. I got so excited upon learning this because at least she could learn the basics of swimming. The bathing suit, with cap, is bought at the school. So last Thursday, it was the 1st day of their swimming class. So being a mother, stage mother that I was, I brought with me my ever reliable digicam and took pictures. The start of their class is from 9:00 to 10:00am, though the water is really cold, there is nothing we, the parents could do, because it is the schedule given by the school. So let's start:

And after 30 minutes of being
talked to by the teacher,
she is back on the edge of
the pool. That is just what she
wants to do, sit. hahaha!

September 12, 2012

My First Ever On-line Purchase: Lulu Swing

I was tweeting when I saw Patty Laurel's tweet about a contest on her blog and the prize is the winner's choice of shoes from LuLu Swing. So I joined and tried my luck if I will win but I guess lady luck wasn't on my side. Anyhow, I liked their fan page at Facebook and followed them at Twitter. Since they are an online business and I have seen most of their fans very happy with their purchases, I tried ordering.

I place my order thru their facebook fan page. They have this order form that you should fill it up, click here so you could see it... Then I paid them via deposit once they sent me the email of the total amount that I will be depositing in their account. I paid the amount last September 7. Then last Monday morning, the helper of my sister in law brought this to me, my package has arrived. That fast. Wow!

When I opened the package
the box is like that already,
I guess natabunan ng ibang
mas mabibigat. Still I am excited.

But of course I have to
take a photo of this brand.

tada!!!! my newly bought sandals
from Lulu Swing... And I loved it.

Thanks to Lulu Swing for being so efficient and for being so patient with me. Wondering? I really did something stupid the night I received their confirmation email, I didn't mean to delete it. And the following morning I texted them and they replied to me immediately. Hahaha! Thank you so very much for accommodating my texts. Will I order to them again? But of course, soon. I have to save up for it.

September 10, 2012

A Get-Together with Mom and Brothers: A First

Weird title?! No. This is the very first time that I went out with my Mom, brothers, nieces and my brother's respective partners to really go and eat out, had a grand time just being around each other and exchange funny stories. Remember those times that we were still kids. And since yesterday was Grandparents day, we decided to go to SM Calamba, the nearest place from my mom's house and eat there. Since Pizza Hut was full packed that time, we all decided to eat at Kenny Roger's. It has been a while since we really ate there. So here are just a few of the pictures taken yesterday with my mom and siblings.

the two youngest members of
the family, Amaya (wearing a sleeveless
shirt) and Ela (wearing the white shirt)

My Mom with my youngest brother, Angelo

that me and my 3rd brother, T.J.

My mom with my 2nd brother, Doyle
with his girlfriend, Elaine

Now this is my family.... I love them all

September 6, 2012

Working Mom: Another Favorite Magazine

Last Monday while I was waiting for the dismissal of Amaya from school, I went to the mall to kill some time. I went to National Bookstore, a trip to the mall should include of going to the bookstore. Then I saw the latest issue of Working Mom Magazine. This magazine is for all working mothers, but although I am not (I am a stay at home mom), a lot of the topics in the magazine caught my attention. One of which is 8 TYPES OF TWEENS AND HOW TO TALK TO THEM, you see I have 2 that belongs to this group, I just need new insights on how to deal with them.
And as soon I browsed the magazine, I saw this topic:

I have always wanted to try this "cheapest" way of losing weight, running. Although I have started this, just for few days when school started I totally forgot about it. Until I saw this again. I guess it is a "sign" for me to start it again.

It has this chart for beginners who would like to start running. And I will definitely use this when I start to run again. Soooon.

It also features what kinds of running shoes one should have. I took this picture of the Brooks, because Francis bought me one last November 2011, it is kinda heavy on the pocket but I tell you it is WORTH it.

With every purchase of
the Working Mom magazine
a free insect repellent lotion
is included.

September 3, 2012

Shopping Finds and Being Together

Once in a while my family goes out to just spend the day being together. Be that eating out, watching movies, or just really hanging out enjoying each other's company. Since the kids wanted a new ambiance, Francis decided to bring us to Alabang Town Center, it has been a while though since we really went there.
This time we didn't watch any movies but instead we really walked around the mall. It has new establishments and new restaurants to try. I have hear about Banapple, Bon Chon, and others. Then my daughter Joie saw Tickles, it reminded me of when I was in high school. Hahaha! Bought few things there for myself and my daughters.

this notebook with fur is sold
at 180.00 but then again it on sale
at 50% off, bought this for
Ate Joie

Ate Arielle saw this notebook
bought this for 100.00 pesos only

then Ate Joie saw this, and I bought
it immediately at 120.00 pesos only.
Mommy bloggers could carry this
and if ideas pops in, you could write
it here....

Then went around ATC and saw this new store called Cache, Cache. I have read about this store in one of the Mommy bloggers that I follow, Mommy Fleur. And when I saw this store, I went inside and there are really nice shirts, shorts, pants, dresses and others. This time Francis allowed me to buy 2 shirts and here they are:

I got this shirt at 599.00 pesos

and this shirt for 799.00 pesos.

Then Ate Joie and I checked the new bakery found at ATC near Powerbooks and it is called
Tous les Jours, I believe it is a french bakery, we went inside and saw these nice freshly baked goodies and breads. I bought these:

Bought this Pizza Toast at 68.00 a piece...
(ate one already and it is really good, one
piece could get you a long way... in short

this Cream Cheese muffin is 78.00
(will still try it though...)

And my daughters and I, usually drops by at PowerBooks, it will never be a complete trip if we don't go inside and look for the current reads. My daughters loves to get all the books they could browse. So while I was looking to add to the books that I am currently reading, this book caught my attention and bought it.

bought this at 575.00

We went home feeling good and with some stuff that my kids really likes. How about you? What did you do the past weekend? What are your finds?