September 10, 2012

A Get-Together with Mom and Brothers: A First

Weird title?! No. This is the very first time that I went out with my Mom, brothers, nieces and my brother's respective partners to really go and eat out, had a grand time just being around each other and exchange funny stories. Remember those times that we were still kids. And since yesterday was Grandparents day, we decided to go to SM Calamba, the nearest place from my mom's house and eat there. Since Pizza Hut was full packed that time, we all decided to eat at Kenny Roger's. It has been a while since we really ate there. So here are just a few of the pictures taken yesterday with my mom and siblings.

the two youngest members of
the family, Amaya (wearing a sleeveless
shirt) and Ela (wearing the white shirt)

My Mom with my youngest brother, Angelo

that me and my 3rd brother, T.J.

My mom with my 2nd brother, Doyle
with his girlfriend, Elaine

Now this is my family.... I love them all

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