September 3, 2012

Shopping Finds and Being Together

Once in a while my family goes out to just spend the day being together. Be that eating out, watching movies, or just really hanging out enjoying each other's company. Since the kids wanted a new ambiance, Francis decided to bring us to Alabang Town Center, it has been a while though since we really went there.
This time we didn't watch any movies but instead we really walked around the mall. It has new establishments and new restaurants to try. I have hear about Banapple, Bon Chon, and others. Then my daughter Joie saw Tickles, it reminded me of when I was in high school. Hahaha! Bought few things there for myself and my daughters.

this notebook with fur is sold
at 180.00 but then again it on sale
at 50% off, bought this for
Ate Joie

Ate Arielle saw this notebook
bought this for 100.00 pesos only

then Ate Joie saw this, and I bought
it immediately at 120.00 pesos only.
Mommy bloggers could carry this
and if ideas pops in, you could write
it here....

Then went around ATC and saw this new store called Cache, Cache. I have read about this store in one of the Mommy bloggers that I follow, Mommy Fleur. And when I saw this store, I went inside and there are really nice shirts, shorts, pants, dresses and others. This time Francis allowed me to buy 2 shirts and here they are:

I got this shirt at 599.00 pesos

and this shirt for 799.00 pesos.

Then Ate Joie and I checked the new bakery found at ATC near Powerbooks and it is called
Tous les Jours, I believe it is a french bakery, we went inside and saw these nice freshly baked goodies and breads. I bought these:

Bought this Pizza Toast at 68.00 a piece...
(ate one already and it is really good, one
piece could get you a long way... in short

this Cream Cheese muffin is 78.00
(will still try it though...)

And my daughters and I, usually drops by at PowerBooks, it will never be a complete trip if we don't go inside and look for the current reads. My daughters loves to get all the books they could browse. So while I was looking to add to the books that I am currently reading, this book caught my attention and bought it.

bought this at 575.00

We went home feeling good and with some stuff that my kids really likes. How about you? What did you do the past weekend? What are your finds?

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