September 6, 2012

Working Mom: Another Favorite Magazine

Last Monday while I was waiting for the dismissal of Amaya from school, I went to the mall to kill some time. I went to National Bookstore, a trip to the mall should include of going to the bookstore. Then I saw the latest issue of Working Mom Magazine. This magazine is for all working mothers, but although I am not (I am a stay at home mom), a lot of the topics in the magazine caught my attention. One of which is 8 TYPES OF TWEENS AND HOW TO TALK TO THEM, you see I have 2 that belongs to this group, I just need new insights on how to deal with them.
And as soon I browsed the magazine, I saw this topic:

I have always wanted to try this "cheapest" way of losing weight, running. Although I have started this, just for few days when school started I totally forgot about it. Until I saw this again. I guess it is a "sign" for me to start it again.

It has this chart for beginners who would like to start running. And I will definitely use this when I start to run again. Soooon.

It also features what kinds of running shoes one should have. I took this picture of the Brooks, because Francis bought me one last November 2011, it is kinda heavy on the pocket but I tell you it is WORTH it.

With every purchase of
the Working Mom magazine
a free insect repellent lotion
is included.

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