September 20, 2012

Mommy Find: Artzooka Kit

     Yesterday after the card giving at Silver Crest, Amaya and I went to SM to buy few things at the grocery. But as usual before we went straight to the grocery, we went to the toy section of the department store. Luckily as we were passing, the sales lady was stocking up their new products, Artzooka Kits and other DYI kits. So first is first, what is Artzooka? Artzooka is a show where the host named, Jeremie shows the kids of what they could do with old, stuff found in the house. Here in the local cable Artzooka is shown over at Nickelodeon  usually at 4:00 p.m during weekdays.

The Product that is currently
available at SM
     So when Amaya saw this, she really begged to buy the product. The kit that we bought is worth 299.75. So After the begging and all, since she could do this on her own and besides she deserves a prize for making it to the honors list.
At the back of the kit shows
what is included in the box

The materials that Amaya
will be using for this Artzooka

There goes Amaya, pretty excited
to paint the rock and put the designs
on it as well
Amaya is mixing the colors on
the rock

One of Amaya's finished product

The color of one of the rocks
that Amaya made, this is the
other side of the rock.

Another project made by Amaya

     To the  mommies out there who will purchase this kind of Artzooka kit, be sure to assist your child in doing such art craft. Be sure to put used bond papers or old newspaper on top of the table or where ever you prefer to do your craft. I hope that you will enjoy doing this, as much as Amaya did. 

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