September 30, 2011

My Newest Crush

I am watching the movie The Back Up Plan starring Jennifer Lopez and Alex O' Loughlin. Actually he is my newest crush. Hahaha! He is the reason why I am watching the tv series Hawaii Five - O. I can't take my eyes of off him. Don't take this the wrong way, but I really have a huge crush on this guy. Hey the man is from Hollywood, I don't think he will know me at all. Besides it's just an admiration. Hahaha!

Quote no. 9

Knowing is not enough;

we must apply.

Willing is not enough;

We must do.

- John Wolfgang Von Goethe

"Anak sa Labas?"

A few nights ago while watching the teleserye 100 Days to Heaven over at channel 2, their topic was about John Lloyd Cruz's character as "Anak sa Labas" and proving his worth to his father who is a Police General. All of a sudden I overheard my two oldest daughters talking:

Joie: Ate, ano ba yong "Anak sa Labas?"
Sa Labas ng bahay ipinanganak?

Me(mom): ndi Joie.

Arielle: Ndi ah. Ang anak sa labas, in-adopt. Di ba mommy yun un, Adoption.

Me(mom): hahaha! Ang anak sa labas, eh halimbawa, yung asawang lalaki(babae) eh
nag-kaanak sa ibang babae(lalaki).

Arielle and Joie: (together) aaahhh...

Moral Story: always be with your children when watching any t.v. shows so that if there are
questions or they seemed bothered you could explain it to them on the spot.

Quote no. 8

The greatest thing in the world

is to know how to be one's own self.

- Montaigne

September 28, 2011

Quote no. 7

You have to have confidence in your ability,

And then be tough to follow through...

- Rosalynn Carter

Shake Your Booty...

A few days ago, Amaya saw her rubber duckie and started to press it and obviously it made noise. Now what her tatay did, was shake his body every time Amaya presses the rubber duckie. After a while, probably Francis got tired of shaking his body, he placed the duckie in a higher place that Amaya can't even reach it. So what my daughter did: she quacked and quacked and told his father: "O tatay, shake you booty na..." And Francis just shook his head instead.


Quote no. 6

It is easy to hate and it is difficult to love.

All good things are difficult to achieve;

And bad things very easy to get....

- Confucius

Imagination and Playing

Our electric/power service were cut off as early as 2:00 in the morning due to Typhoon Pedring yesterday. And because of this the kids are at home and there is nothing left to do. So my daughters started playing, not their father's psp, but by using their respective imaginations. I over heard them that they have a magical tent. This magical tent could bring them wherever they want to go. Their first stop, the beach. Ever since we had that "outing", they have always wanted to go back and I believe they did just that by imagining it.
Another thing that we usually do especially on a day like this is playing the ever popular game, PINOY HENYO. This game is from the noontime show Eat Bulaga wherein there are 2 people playing. One will be guessing the word that is posted on her/his forehead by asking questions while the other one has to answer his/her partner's questions with just YES, NO, or MAYBE. You have to guess the word within the 2 minute time limit. My kids and I, this time with their tatay at home, enjoy playing this. If the partner guessing can't give the right answer, a powder will be put on her/his face.
We usually sing, any type or kind of song, just to entertain ourselves. Sometimes having no electricity, even just once in a while, is good because we could bond with our kids and at the same time my children are using their imagination when playing. And most of all I could see my girls are really having a great time with each other.
How about you, what do you usually do on a day like this?

September 23, 2011

Quote no. 5

A friend is someone who knows

all about you and still

loves you...

- Elbert Hubbard


A few weeks ago I saw my second daughter, Joie, scratching her head constantly. So I immediately got a lice comb (or a fine toothed combed) to check if hse has any lice. And whoa, I was able to get a lot of it. I really don't know why every time classes begins, both of my girls, usually have these lice.
So what is a lice? Lice are tiny wrinkles, parasitic insects that feed on the skin. These creatures are not known to transmit diseases and do not have lasting effects. But they are annoying, they develop on the scalp. Lice jumps or crawls onto the scalp from brushes, combs, hair accessories, hats, pillows, and towels.
So what one can do if he/she has a head lice?

1. Use medicated shampoo to kill the lice. As for me, I usually use Kwell for the kids. Then dry the hair thoroughly, then remove all dead lice and nits with a fine-toothed comb(lice comb, SUYOD in tagalog)

2. Soak all brushes, combs and hair accessories in a lice shampoo for several hours then wash them thoroughly.

3. And importanly, AVOID sharing your personal items with other people.

As for me, I usually let my kids get a hair cut after I have treated them with the medicated shampoo.

September 22, 2011

Quote no. 4

Don't ever let a guy make you feel ugly,

Because no matter what "YOU'RE BEAUTIFUL"

With or without him

- Wiz Khalifa

September 21, 2011

Our First Date...

*I made this few months ago and I want to share it with you*

Dear Francis,
Last Saturday, June 25, you told me to take a bath earlier than the usual and dress up not in a casual way. But before I fixed myself, I made sure that the kids have taken their baths; I sterilized the bottles of Amaya (Yes, my youngest is still bottle-fed); I made sure that there is still some food left for the kids. After that I took my bath and fixed myself so we will not be late.
We left at exactly 10:00 a.m. so that you could go first to a farm where you have an appointment. We left the farm at 11:45 a.m. and You knew that I am hungry already. By this time I still don't know where we are going.
Until we arrived at the gate of Canyon Woods. We were invited by a certain group to listen to something that they are offering. So this is not an ideal date actually. The offered free lunch and there we ate before the said "seminar". They said it will just take 90 minutes of our time but it took the whole afternoon. We went on a simple tour inside Canyon Woods. And I could say, that I was impressed with what I saw, it was beautiful inside and outside of the said vicinity.
After that we were allowed to take a tour of the whole village but due to tome constraint, I told you that I just wanted to see the Chapel. And we went. It was beautiful inside and of course I was able to pray. You already knew what I usually ask and pray for.
After Canyon Woods you were asking where to go next, since I am thinking of the kids, I said let's go home BUT since you knew me too much, you asked me if I still want to pass and look around Paseo and I immediately said yes.
When we arrived at Paseo, we went window shopping first before we ate dinner. It was a simple one, nothing fancy but for me it is better than okay because it was just the two of us. After 13 years of marriage, it was only now that we went out, no boisterous kids. Just the two of us eating dinner quietly, and I liked it. Then after dinner we still went around because you ate a lot. For the first time, we walked hand in hand around the place as if we have a world of our own.
After walking through a lot of shops we decided to go home because of the kids and it is already past 7 p.m. On our way home, after quite a long time, while you were driving I placed my head on your shoulder. And it felt good.
To be honest, it really does feel good. A day just the two of us. It may not be a fancy date nor we went out shopping but the simplicity of it all and having each other that day is far more the best of all.

Our FIRST DATE after 13 years of being parents and it felt good. I have told you this but it may take some time again to have a date like what we had but i know SOOOOON.

Thanks for the "time out" and for the date.

I love you so much...

The Only Wife,

Mrs. Ma. Teresa Grech Q. Racal

September 20, 2011

"Di ba ate, my turn na?!"

Last Friday night, I allowed my two older girls to play their father's psp. And I told my youngest daughter that she could play also but has to wait for her turn. A few hours later my eldest daughter, Ate Arielle told me that the psp is low batt already. So I said, better charge it or else tatay will get mad at us. So while the psp was charging, the girls were still playing, and then I heard my youngest daughter said to her ate: Di ba ate charging pa yan? tapos my turn na ha?! Hahahaha! That's my girl....hahahaha!

September 19, 2011

Quote no. 3

No matter where you are in the world

The moon is never bigger than your thumb.

- Dear John

Quote no. 1

I want to share quotes that are really inspiring to all... And I will start it today hope that it will inspire you as well.

Keep your thoughts positive because your thoughts
becomes your words.
Keep your words positive because your words become
your behavior.
Keep your behavior positive because your behavior
becomes your habit.
Keep your habits positive because your habits
becomes your values.
Keep your values positive because your values
become your Destiny.

- Mahatma Gandhi

A Fun Day For Everyone

Last Saturday, September 17, 2011 my whole family went to Alabang Town Center to have some fun and enjoy that Saturday afternoon playing at Timezone. My husband played with my daughters. It is only here that he can really let his hair down. Hahaha! After playing and eating at ATC, we went to Paseo de Sta. Rosa to buy a pair of new rubber shoes for my eldest daughter in Payless shoes. Though it was a short one due to bad weather I knew that my kids had a grand time.

Ate Joie waiting for her food

Ate Arielle and Amaya waiting also for their
food as well

the girls playing at Timezone

I love it every time my husband is
spending and playing with the girls

September 16, 2011

Friday Once again

Thank God it's Friday. Every person, especially mothers like me who really look after their kids, Friday and weekend is what we really look forward to. Though I really don't have that much to do on a weekend but still more household chores, but what I mean is that I don't have to wake up earlier than the usual since the kids don't have school, that means I have the chance to extend the hours of sleeping.

But I still do the task of cooking breakfast and cleaning the house, since I don't have any maid to do those things for me. But since it's weekend, its my girls turn to clean up their bedroom. Hahaha! Now that is one task removed from my daily routine. One thing I definitely look forward to though is my afternoon date/s with my hubby. Well this date/s just include window shopping and eating. Nothing more. Probably I could call this as my time with my hubby, and I believe vice versa.

Even though it's just a simple date, for me it's a lot already. It usually take my mind off the chores that will be waiting for me when I get home. Hahaha! That is why I am excited for Fridays and weekends to come. I hope that you will have a nice and happy weekend as well.

Quote no.2

Time is more value than money.

You can get more money, but you cannot

get more time.

- Jim Rohn

September 14, 2011

Amaya's World

This is a page all about Amaya's everyday antics, the way she answers our questions, and the way she talks to us. I hope that you will enjoy this and have a good laugh, one way or another.

This happened, if I believe, when she was 3 years old. We were in a tricycle, a form of transportation here in the Philippines, to go somewhere. It was raining when we went out.

Me: Look Amaya it's raining.

Amaya: No mom, it's water.


hahahaha! I have never laugh so hard and when I had a chat with my 2 older daughters and my hubby they all laughed.

A Mini-Reunion

Last Saturday, September 10, my kids and I went to my grandmother's place in Calamba Laguna specifically in Parian. We had an intimate dinner with the rest of my brothers, minus T.J., and with my dad. It has been a while since we had dinner at her place ever since I got married and chose to stay here in Lipa City, Batangas. It was a good dinner with all those super duper delicious foods ordered from Ding Hao, a chinese cuisine, located in Calamba as well. My grandmother is 86 years old, still strong and that night I knew she is very happy with most of her great grand kids, minus Phoebe, in attendance, I know it really made her night. Happy birthday again lola naty.
the super duper delicious food

Me with my brothers and father and the celebrant

the great grand kids with Lola Naty

September 13, 2011

My Point of View

This morning the Ms. Universe 2011 was held at Sao Paulo in Brazil. Proud to say that Ms. Philippines made it to the Top 5 and was ranked 3rd Runner-up in the said pageant. The question raced by judge Viveca A. Fox was: Would you change your religious beliefs to marry someone with opposite view? And Ms. Philippines replied: No, because the first person I love is God, who created me...if that person loves me he should love my God too. Well said... I thought she will win the crown but instead she went with 3rd runner up. It's okay, there is nothing we could do about it.

If that question will be asked to any of you, how will you answer it? Me? Schooled at Catholic schools led by sisters and priest/brothers, I would have answered the same way. I wouldn't trade my religious beliefs for anyone else because this IS MY belief. But what if it was the other way around? Just thinking, will the men change their beliefs to marry the woman they love? Just wondering though.

To Ms. Philippines, Shamcey Supsup, you did a great job. Congratulations. For us Filipinos, you're our Ms. Universe 2011.

September 12, 2011

I have been chosen...

I would like to share with you that I was chosen to share my story the at the Blog Carnival of the Wifely Steps. I hope that you could have the time to visit her blog and enjoy my story as well... To Miss Toni thanks for choosing me... I really appreciate it so much. Thanks for giving me a chance to be a part of it...

Our Very First Family Outing

Last April 2011 Francis surprised the kids by going to our very first family outing. Our destination is at the Kabayan Beach Resort here in Laiya, San Juan Batangas City. Since we are all excited, we woke up quite earlier than the usual since it was still vacation for us. We ate breakfast then left the house around 7:15 am so that we wouldn't be caught in the traffic jam.
But since there was no traffic at all, we arrived at the resort at 8:45 a.m. We asked the front desk if they could accommodate us since we didn't made any reservations at all. And they allowed us. Francis decided to rent an air conditioned room complete with a cable t.v., bathroom, refrigerator, a nice comfy bed and others. It cost us big time (4,500.00 pesos) just for the whole day rent but it was okay since we all had a grand time swimming on the beach and in the pool.

After lunch my eldest daughter, Arielle and I slept while Francis, with Joie and Amaya
swam on the beach. When I woke up I followed them on the beach then swam on the pool after. Before 4:30 p.m we decided to rest and take advantage of using the room (since, it was quite expensive). The kids watch Nickelodeon while Francis and I stroll down the beach and he took few pictures of me.

By 6:00 p.m. the whole family took a stroll to the beach side. Since it was low tide already we were able to go to the farthest part of the beach. The kids and my husband had a grand time. I also had a grand time but seeing them, my hubby and kids, enjoying it was more than enough for me.

It was one vacation that we will never ever forget. I hope next year we could do it all over again.
To Francis, tatay, thanks for taking time out from your hectic schedule to take us on this one unforgettable vacation

September 10, 2011

Amaya Isabell: The Youngest

April of 2006 when period didn't came, I bought a pregnancy home kit to see if my hunch is correct. And it was. I was pregnant. After 7 years and I was 32 at that time, I am pregnant for the 3rd time. Both our families were happy with the news. Since Francis and I already have two girls, I've prayed so hard that this time it will be a boy.
The first trimester was the most difficult for me. I usually throw up every after meal. I hate clothes that has been washed with fabric conditioner, I easily throw up. On June of 2006 I underwent an ultrasound just to be sure that my baby is okay. And the baby was just fine. October 20th 2006, I had another ultrasound. This time the sonologist told me that I will be having a girl. Again. It's not that I am not happy. Let's just say disappointed BUT in the end all of us are happy because another angel has been added to our family.
December 20, 2006, Amaya Isabell was born. She weighed 2.4 kgs. Among my 3 daughters she was the smallest in terms of weight. After 3 days I was allowed to go home leaving her at the NICU for 2 more days.
December 24, 2006, I have asked pediatrician, Dra. Elizabeth Javillo, if we could bring her home already in time for Christmas and she agreed. It was a wonderful Christmas for us because finally we are complete already. I decided to breast-feed her as long as I can, and in fairness, among my 3 daughters, she was the longest to be breastfed.
By December 20, 2011, which will be 3 more months, she will be turning 5. She is very talkative, very playful, likes Justin Beiber and Taylor Swift. She loves her 2 older siblings which she fondly calls: Ate Arielle and Ate Joie.
It may be the most difficult pregnancy of the three but it is worth it. And we are excited for her when she goes to school next year. Amaya Isabell will always be our precocious youngest member of the family and for that alone, we love her.

September 7, 2011

Josephine Therese: Our Middle Child

One year and three months after Arielle was born came next our newest member of the family, another baby girl we named: JOSEPHINE THERESE or Joie for short. Born on November 20, 1999.
With her it is totally different from our eldest Arielle. She was one and few months old when she learned to walk, talk and learnt he basic things any child should learn. But when she learned how to talk, my gosh, is she a talker?! Even though if we couldn't understand half of what she is saying.
When she started attending kindergarten, she excelled as well. She didn't attended daycare but instead she went to pre-school when she was ready. She loves to draw and experiment in combining different colors and I tell you, the end result is really good. She inherited from her father the gift of being "artistic".
Coming November she will be turning 12 already. And yes up to now she is still a talker (hahaha!). She dreams of becoming a chef someday or a fashion designer or an artist. She loves to watch all these cooking shows but she definitely loves Giada De Laurentiis. She told me that if she fails to become a chef, her fall back is to become an "artist" or a designer since she loves to draw, mix and match colors.
I just wish that she will continue to do what she loves and that she study very hard as well. I do love her as much as her Ate Arielle and our youngest Amaya.
She is our middle child. Our ate Joie. Our Joie who is a happy and fashionista daughter.

September 6, 2011

Katherine Arielle: My Ate

Over 13 years of being married, Francis and I were blessed with 3 intelligent, beautiful, and loving daughters. Let me introduce you to each of them. Let me introduce my eldest.
August 28, 1998 Katherine Arielle Q. Racal came into our life. Our eldest and we fondly call her Ate. When she was 10 months old she already knew how to say the alphabet, knows how to count from 1 to 20, she could show the different parts of her body.
When she was 3 and a half years old we enrolled her to the nearest day care center here in our place. She was the most talkative of them all and every time I pick her up from school, there will be stars stamped on both of her hands until on her arms.
But she wasn't able to finish her daycare because her tatay, as my kids fondly call their father, was admitted in the hospital and stayed there for almost a week and a half. So my daughters, Arielle and Joie had to stay with my parents back in Calamba, Laguna. She developed a separation anxiety so the teacher and I agreed that Arielle has to stop.
Fast forward to today, last month, August 28, she turned 13. My hubby and I have a pre-teen already in the house. I'm both excited and has this fear for her as well. Excitement because this is a new chapter in her life that she has to discover on her own, of course with my help as well as the help of my hubby. But there is definitely some fears as well because I know that the world we live in is full of people who are not honest and good.
I know she will make better decisions when I was her age. I just hope that she will choose friends that will help her grow to be a good person, inside and out.
I just want my Ate Arielle to know that no matter what happens, her father and I, will always be here. And that she will be forever our Ate Arielle...

September 4, 2011

Just Another Sunday

It is just another boring Sunday for me and the whole family. Since we don't have enough funds to go out, we are all here at home watching the ever reliable HBO or Star Movies over the cable channel. Then brought out our snacks which we bought it yesterday.

While I, on the other hand is still thinking what to post to day until the week to come. Well have to go for now. Have to prepare dinner earlier than the usual then eat dinner then time for me to iron some clothes and uniforms. Yes it's I who do all the things here in our home.

Until my next post... :))

September 3, 2011

Francis Vargas Racal... The Love of My Life

I got married at the age of 24. For some at that time, is early while for others it is the right time and age to settle down. I married my BEST-FRIEND whose name is Francis V. Racal. met during our college days here at De La Salle - Lipa.
April 4, 1998 we got married at the Archbishop's Palace with just the closest family members who attended. The reception was held at my mother's ancestral's house here at Lipa City as well. It may be a simple one but we all had a grand time.

Last April 4th of this year we celebrated our 13th years of being husband and wife. It was not an easy feat to reach this far. We had our own petty quarrels; big fights and disagreements in these 13 years. But in the end we always try to settle it out. Most of the people will tell all couples to settle their differences before the night ends. But I guess this does not work for everyone. I believe that it is better to take a sleep then talk it over when each other had cooled off already.
I used to pray for someone who is tall and good looking but I guess God has His own way of answering my prayers. Instead He blessed me with someone who is intelligent, very funny person, not that tall (average I would say), cutie-cute-cute (as what my kids and I would call him) and most of all LOVES and ACCEPTS me for who and what I am.
We are totally opposite in terms of music, our likes in foods and others. But despite and in spite of these differences we are still each other's strengths. As in a Chinese symbol we are: yin and yang.
I have been blessed with someone whose patience and love for me is never-ending and I wouldn't have it any other way. He is my strength... He is my life... He is the Love of my life...

I love you so very much Francis V. Racal, and as I always say, don't ever let go of my hands because I will not....