September 3, 2011

Francis Vargas Racal... The Love of My Life

I got married at the age of 24. For some at that time, is early while for others it is the right time and age to settle down. I married my BEST-FRIEND whose name is Francis V. Racal. met during our college days here at De La Salle - Lipa.
April 4, 1998 we got married at the Archbishop's Palace with just the closest family members who attended. The reception was held at my mother's ancestral's house here at Lipa City as well. It may be a simple one but we all had a grand time.

Last April 4th of this year we celebrated our 13th years of being husband and wife. It was not an easy feat to reach this far. We had our own petty quarrels; big fights and disagreements in these 13 years. But in the end we always try to settle it out. Most of the people will tell all couples to settle their differences before the night ends. But I guess this does not work for everyone. I believe that it is better to take a sleep then talk it over when each other had cooled off already.
I used to pray for someone who is tall and good looking but I guess God has His own way of answering my prayers. Instead He blessed me with someone who is intelligent, very funny person, not that tall (average I would say), cutie-cute-cute (as what my kids and I would call him) and most of all LOVES and ACCEPTS me for who and what I am.
We are totally opposite in terms of music, our likes in foods and others. But despite and in spite of these differences we are still each other's strengths. As in a Chinese symbol we are: yin and yang.
I have been blessed with someone whose patience and love for me is never-ending and I wouldn't have it any other way. He is my strength... He is my life... He is the Love of my life...

I love you so very much Francis V. Racal, and as I always say, don't ever let go of my hands because I will not....


  1. The carnival is up! Thanks for participating. Till the next round! :)

  2. This is such a sweet post ... overflowing with love. Stay happy!


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