September 7, 2011

Josephine Therese: Our Middle Child

One year and three months after Arielle was born came next our newest member of the family, another baby girl we named: JOSEPHINE THERESE or Joie for short. Born on November 20, 1999.
With her it is totally different from our eldest Arielle. She was one and few months old when she learned to walk, talk and learnt he basic things any child should learn. But when she learned how to talk, my gosh, is she a talker?! Even though if we couldn't understand half of what she is saying.
When she started attending kindergarten, she excelled as well. She didn't attended daycare but instead she went to pre-school when she was ready. She loves to draw and experiment in combining different colors and I tell you, the end result is really good. She inherited from her father the gift of being "artistic".
Coming November she will be turning 12 already. And yes up to now she is still a talker (hahaha!). She dreams of becoming a chef someday or a fashion designer or an artist. She loves to watch all these cooking shows but she definitely loves Giada De Laurentiis. She told me that if she fails to become a chef, her fall back is to become an "artist" or a designer since she loves to draw, mix and match colors.
I just wish that she will continue to do what she loves and that she study very hard as well. I do love her as much as her Ate Arielle and our youngest Amaya.
She is our middle child. Our ate Joie. Our Joie who is a happy and fashionista daughter.

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