September 10, 2011

Amaya Isabell: The Youngest

April of 2006 when period didn't came, I bought a pregnancy home kit to see if my hunch is correct. And it was. I was pregnant. After 7 years and I was 32 at that time, I am pregnant for the 3rd time. Both our families were happy with the news. Since Francis and I already have two girls, I've prayed so hard that this time it will be a boy.
The first trimester was the most difficult for me. I usually throw up every after meal. I hate clothes that has been washed with fabric conditioner, I easily throw up. On June of 2006 I underwent an ultrasound just to be sure that my baby is okay. And the baby was just fine. October 20th 2006, I had another ultrasound. This time the sonologist told me that I will be having a girl. Again. It's not that I am not happy. Let's just say disappointed BUT in the end all of us are happy because another angel has been added to our family.
December 20, 2006, Amaya Isabell was born. She weighed 2.4 kgs. Among my 3 daughters she was the smallest in terms of weight. After 3 days I was allowed to go home leaving her at the NICU for 2 more days.
December 24, 2006, I have asked pediatrician, Dra. Elizabeth Javillo, if we could bring her home already in time for Christmas and she agreed. It was a wonderful Christmas for us because finally we are complete already. I decided to breast-feed her as long as I can, and in fairness, among my 3 daughters, she was the longest to be breastfed.
By December 20, 2011, which will be 3 more months, she will be turning 5. She is very talkative, very playful, likes Justin Beiber and Taylor Swift. She loves her 2 older siblings which she fondly calls: Ate Arielle and Ate Joie.
It may be the most difficult pregnancy of the three but it is worth it. And we are excited for her when she goes to school next year. Amaya Isabell will always be our precocious youngest member of the family and for that alone, we love her.

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