September 12, 2011

Our Very First Family Outing

Last April 2011 Francis surprised the kids by going to our very first family outing. Our destination is at the Kabayan Beach Resort here in Laiya, San Juan Batangas City. Since we are all excited, we woke up quite earlier than the usual since it was still vacation for us. We ate breakfast then left the house around 7:15 am so that we wouldn't be caught in the traffic jam.
But since there was no traffic at all, we arrived at the resort at 8:45 a.m. We asked the front desk if they could accommodate us since we didn't made any reservations at all. And they allowed us. Francis decided to rent an air conditioned room complete with a cable t.v., bathroom, refrigerator, a nice comfy bed and others. It cost us big time (4,500.00 pesos) just for the whole day rent but it was okay since we all had a grand time swimming on the beach and in the pool.

After lunch my eldest daughter, Arielle and I slept while Francis, with Joie and Amaya
swam on the beach. When I woke up I followed them on the beach then swam on the pool after. Before 4:30 p.m we decided to rest and take advantage of using the room (since, it was quite expensive). The kids watch Nickelodeon while Francis and I stroll down the beach and he took few pictures of me.

By 6:00 p.m. the whole family took a stroll to the beach side. Since it was low tide already we were able to go to the farthest part of the beach. The kids and my husband had a grand time. I also had a grand time but seeing them, my hubby and kids, enjoying it was more than enough for me.

It was one vacation that we will never ever forget. I hope next year we could do it all over again.
To Francis, tatay, thanks for taking time out from your hectic schedule to take us on this one unforgettable vacation

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