September 30, 2011

"Anak sa Labas?"

A few nights ago while watching the teleserye 100 Days to Heaven over at channel 2, their topic was about John Lloyd Cruz's character as "Anak sa Labas" and proving his worth to his father who is a Police General. All of a sudden I overheard my two oldest daughters talking:

Joie: Ate, ano ba yong "Anak sa Labas?"
Sa Labas ng bahay ipinanganak?

Me(mom): ndi Joie.

Arielle: Ndi ah. Ang anak sa labas, in-adopt. Di ba mommy yun un, Adoption.

Me(mom): hahaha! Ang anak sa labas, eh halimbawa, yung asawang lalaki(babae) eh
nag-kaanak sa ibang babae(lalaki).

Arielle and Joie: (together) aaahhh...

Moral Story: always be with your children when watching any t.v. shows so that if there are
questions or they seemed bothered you could explain it to them on the spot.

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