December 31, 2011

Busy, busy week

I have been so busy the past 2 weeks that I almost did not blog. Dami ko ng utang. I will be blogging at the start of 2012 and for sure daming wento nun. To all bloggers that I really admire and look up to, happy new year. To my readers and those who are patient enough to leave their comments and who spare some of their precious time in reading my blog, a heartfelt Thank You... It is because of readers like you that I strive to be a better blogger. Thank you again. I will be seeing you soon. Miss blogging so much.

December 26, 2011

Christmas Eve

Last December 24 we heard mass at De La Salle - Lipa at their Sentrum. This is our 4th year of going there. It is earlier than the usual masses held at the churches. We chose this time because of the kids, maaga pa din talaga sila natutulog and besides the following day we will be going to my mom's place in Laguna, kaya fit na fit yung time for us. It is special as well because the celebrant of the mass was Arch. Gaudencio Rosales, though he retired already. Here are some of the photos...

Before we went inside the Sentrum for the mass

This is before the mass...

This opening of the gifts, given by my friend, Rachel.

the gift my youngest got from Rachel...

the gifts my 2 older daughters got from Rachel...

December 23, 2011

Merry Christmas

I am posting this before I go to sleep 2 days before Christmas. As Christmas ushers in, let us not forget to Thank the good Lord for all the blessings He showered each one of us. I know that the past week a tragedy hit our brothers and sisters in Cagayan de Oro and other nearby places that was affected by Tyhpoon Sendong, let us continue to pray for them. May the spirit of Christmas be with them as well. I hope that before some of us make "reklamo", let us reflect first. We may not always have everything BUT having our family around us should be more than enough. Merry Christmas and may this. Season be filled with love and understanding.

Merry Christmas to each one... From: Francis, Grech, Arielle, Joie and Amaya RACAL.

December 22, 2011

Amaya's 5th Birthday

Last Tuesday, December 20th, was Amaya's 5th birthday. Francis and I decided to buy her the cake she wanted (she just wanted to blow the candles lang naman) and called Mcdonald's to deliver food during lunch time. Then in the afternoon we went to Mt. Carmel Church, said a prayer of thanks. Then went to SM, ate our snacks first sa Greenwich Pizza. My kids will never get tired of eating here. Then during dinner time Gerry's Grill naman, tatay Kiko paid the bill na. Hahaha! Here are some of the photos during that special day of Amaya...

The cake that the celebrant wanted...

The celebrant...Amaya Isabell

The cousins singing the Happy Birthday song

Amaya blowing the candle...

Kainan na!!!!

At Greenwich, while waiting for our food

Me and my 2 older daughters....

The celebrant with Tatay Kiko, ang taga bayad...

December 19, 2011

Bayanihan of the Filipino People

Last Weekend our sisters and brothers from Cagayan de Oro, Iligan and other nearby places in Mindanao were caught off guard by Typhoon Sendong. Though there was already a warning signal that PAGASA has declared yet all of us were caught unaware of how big this typhoon really is. In one of the tweets, I read that the rain poured brought about by typhoon Sendong is equivalent to a month's rain already in the areas mentioned. Sabi nga ng mga taga-doon, ngayon lang daw nangyari sa kanila ang ganitong baha(floodings). They never thought in their wildest dreams that it could happen to them. What saddens me, and probably all of us, it happened a week before Christmas. And now is the time to really help them. Buhayin natin ang kaugalian ng Bayanihan. And I know if we help each other out, makakaya natin lahat makabangon sa trahedya na ito. There are ways of helping them, either thru: 1. MONETARY DONATIONS - all of the television networks in our country have their own accounts and what banks to deposit your money to. They are always being announced in their news nightly. 2. RELIEF GOODS - like water, our brothers and sisters in CDO, Iligan and other nearby places are in need of clean water for drinking. Clothes, PLEASE if you will be donating clothes, YUN NAMANG MAGAGAMIT PA. Not just because you want to lessen the clothes that you don't need. Food like sardines, rice, noodles. 3. VOLUNTEERS - these are people needed in repacking the relief goods that are needed to be delivered to our dear brothers and sisters. I hope that each one of us could extend help to our Filipino brothers and sisters in the areas affected by Typhoon Sendong.

December 16, 2011

Movie Watching Manners

Few weeks ago my daughters and I watched the first part of the Breaking Dawn on the big screen. Just like before, we bought our tickets, snacks, and drinks earlier thant the usual; while waiting for our screening time, my daughters and I took turns in using the restrooms so as not to leave our seat while watching the film. My daughters and I paid 150.00 pesos each to watch the film but what we did not expect that there will be other people who are so VERY INCONSIDERATE of other moviegoers. Sheesh! I really made "PARINIG" already to shut up. Yet they ignored us. My daughter, who unfortunately, who was seated beside them was really pissed off because in every scene she could really hear all of their comments. Kung bata siguro sila pwede ko pang pakiusapan but the mere fact that they are ADULTS how come they are so INCONSIDERATE. I will say it again, they are ADULTS. Haaay. My daughters 13 and 12 respectively but they know what to do once inside the movie theater. I teach them NOT TO TALK LOUDLY inside the theaters especially if the movie is ongoing already. If there are instances that they want to ask something they could do so by WHISPERING. BUMULONG. O English na, may Tagalog pa. I know they paid 150.00 pesos as well BUT I just hope they will learn HOW TO RESPECT OTHER MOVIEGOERS who also paid the same amount to enjoy the same movie in the big screeN, MINUS the loud side comments from other people who are so INCONSIDERATE.

A Little Sakit na Lang

Yesterday Amaya has colds and slight fever. So I took really good care of her. And this morning, she greeted me Good morning! Mom, I'm not sick anymore. And I said to her, that's good bebe ko. And now that I realize that she is really fine. Here is why:

Mom (me): Amaya kindly pick up your toys and keep it na.

Amaya: Mommy, sakit pa head ko, a little lang...(sabay higa sa bed)

Hahaha! Para-paraan lang yan.

December 15, 2011

A Rant of a Mother

Why the title? Here is the story why. Last Monday afternoon my 2nd daughter, Joie told me that I have to buy her some nails for their project, which by the way I paid as early as the first quarter of the year. In short, pag pasok na pag pasok sa school naningil na sila agad. And since this is a school project, I gave the money to my daughter. What pissed me off? I paid the said amount and then I have to buy the nails? Parang may mali.
I asked Ate Joie why will I be buying the nails when in fact it should be included in the materials needed for the project. She told me that there was nothing left for her and 4 of her classmates because they - Joie's group - practicing some dance routines which is part of one of their subjects. So what I did, I wrote to her class advisor and informed her of what happened. And yesterday afternoon when Ate Joie arrived from school she told me that the teacher will be the one to buy the nails that she and 4 of her classmates needs. That ended well. :)

December 14, 2011

A Treat for Everybody

Last Sunday while I was about to prepare our lunch Francis all of a sudden told me to eat lunch out then go to Nuvali. OMG! Ang hirap kasi pag ang lakad namin eh biglaan kasi I really have to tend to each of my daughters. Anyway, so my daughters took their baths, alternately while I sterilized some of Amaya's bottles. Then it was Amaya's turn to take her bath then me. We ate lunch at Mcdonald's, where else. Then off to Nuvali. First stop was Solenad 2. As soon as we arrived we went to the comfort rooms. While we were there Amaya was playing.
This is our Amaya playing.

After using the rest rooms, we saw this nice designs there and my hubby took our pics with it.
This is Ate Joie...

We went to this stall called Res-Toe-Run and looked around. Then saw what I have been wishing for to have all these times, a pair of FitFlops. Francis found this pair for me and this is his Christmas gift for me. And yes I am definitely very happy with my purchase.

Here I am fitting the pair Francis
chose for me...

And while I was fitting the FitFlops, ndi mapakali ang bunso namin. Hahaha!

After I have purchased my FitFlops we went around to see if there are other stores that have opened already. And the kids are happy that Timezone has been opened already but they were not able to play anymore because they asked their tatay if we could go to ATC. We went window shopping there and we're so happy that night because they have fireworks display but we weren't able to watch it because Amaya was crying her heart out. In short takot sa fireworks. So good luck naman to us this coming New Year's Eve.

Let me share with you the other purchases that we have made that Sunday evening.

This short bought by Ate Arielle at
Nuvali for 100.00 pesos

A black skirt bought at 150.00
and can be used as a top as well.

A shirt for Amaya bought at
Bench for 349.50

All in all we had a great time even though the kids have school the following day.

Christmas Traditions of Filipinos.

It is exactly 11 more days before Christmas and for my Top 5 this week I would like to share some of the Christmas traditions of Filipinos.

1. SIMBANG GABI - This is a 9 day mass that usually starts at 4 in the morning. It starts on the early morning of December 16th and ends on the 24th also called as the Misa de Gallo. I had completed this 9 day mass, when I was in 4th year college. There is a belief that if one completes the 9 days of mass one's wish will come true. Did it happen to me? I believe so...

2. CAROLING - Usually a group of kids sings in every house they go to and they are given a certain amount by the people who listened to their songs.

3. PUTO BUMBONG & BIBINGKA - 2 of the favorite delicacies every Christmas, though even after Christmas there are vendors who sells these 2 delicacies. But one will definitely feel that IT IS INDEED Christmas when 1 buys either of the 2. My fave? Puto Bumbong...hahaha!

4. NOCHE BUENA - This is a time for the whole family to gather at exactly 12 midnight to eat and after that time to give and opened the gifts.

5. PAROL - I believe this is one tradition that every Filipino do, putting up a Parol. It symbolizes as the guiding light at Bethlehem.

December 8, 2011

Quote no. 28

Respect yourself


Others will respect you.


I Love The Film: Breaking Dawn

last December 4, with my 2 older daughters (Arielle and Joie) we went to SM to watch the first part of Breaking Dawn. Since we wanted to really start the movie from the very beginning we decided to watch it at the 2:30 p.m. screening, while waiting we bought already our snacks and drinks, used the bathrooms already so as that we will not be going out in the middle of the movie.

At exactly 2:30 p.m., the film began rolling. To be honest the most part my girls and I were looking for was the wedding. And I almost cried watching Bella walking down the aisle in the arms of her father. Seeing at the simplicity but elegance of the Swan-Cullen wedding, I was amazed at how they really took the time in showing in the film of how I the wedding would look like. It exceeded my expectations and of what I had imagined while reading the book.

Another part where I cried is where Jacob finally decided to join the reception and danced with his Bella. Oh just thinking of it makes me teary-eyed. Hahaha! And the last part where I got teary-eyed is when Bella is saying goodbye to her father. I loved at how Charlie replied when Bella said I love you Dad. And Charlie's reply: ALWAYS AM. ALWAYS WILL. *sniff*

I had a great time watching the movie though there were some twists here and there, a lot different from the book though, but I loved at what they did. Hey I am not a movie critic or whatever you call them, but there are few things I have noticed (and should not have included na lang):

1. I just hoped that they really made Bella beautiful during her wedding. What I have
imagined while reading the book is far from what I saw in the movie.

2. How I wished to see the face of the little girl Claire whom Quil imprinted to.

3. For me, they should not have included the speeches of some of the characters especially of Jessica, parang sour graping pa din siya after all these times.

But all in all it was a good movie, FOR ME AND MY DAUGHTERS at least. We can't wait for the second part and we all have to wait for November 2012 to watch it.

December 7, 2011

Christmas Songs

Since Christmas is just 18 days away and Christmas songs can be heard in every radio station and in the malls. So for my Top 5 this week, I chose the Top 5 Christmas Songs that it get me (and probably all of us) in that Christmas mood.

1. PASKO NA NAMAN - Minsan as early as October, we can usually hear this being played over the radio and once we hear this most of us usually are in the "panic mode" and this means that literally the Christmas countdown really begins...

2. SILENT NIGHT, HOLY NIGHT - One of the "slow" kind of song that I really love to hear. And if my memory serves me right, it was the first song I memorized when I was a child.

The ever famous song of the reindeer Rudolph. Kids and adults loves to sing along every time this is played.

4. JINGLE BELLS - Another "dance-able" kind of Christmas song that every body loves to sing along as well.

5. PASKO NA SINTA KO - The anthem of the SMP or Samahan ng Malalamig ang Pasko. To be honest once upon a time this became my anthem for so long until I met my hubby, Francis. I really love the song, kahit may asawa na ako. Hearing Gary Valenciano's voice singing this song, aaahhh...I know Pasko na...

How about you? Do you have any Christmas songs that would like to share? I would love to know it...

December 6, 2011

Christmas Gifts to Give

Last week also my whole family went to the nearby mall and bought all the Christmas gifts for our respective godchildren. We decided to give materials that will enhance the "artistic" side of the kids. Then Last Sunday afternoon together with Tatay Francis, Ate Arielle, and Ate Joie, we wrapped each gifts. Ate Joie was the one who wrote to whom each gifts belongs to. Ate Arielle, was the one who took off all the tag prices. Tatay Francis and I were the ones wrapping each of the gifts. And it took us 30 minutes to finish wrapping all the gifts. *whew*. Now that is what I call COOPERATION within the family. And here are the gifts....

December 5, 2011

Our Cute Christmas Tree

Finally, our Christmas tree is up! Hahaha! As if ang laki-laki ng Christmas tree namin. Here is a bit of story behind the tree. When Francis and I were just starting our family, I have to admit we really do not have that budget to buy a big tree (and I don't have the patience of storing them after) so I decided to buy a smaller one that is so easy to decorate, and lucky for me easy to keep it as well. That first tree lasted for 10 years until last year, I believe my hubby misplaced our tree and all the Christmas balls that we bought. But last year I bought a new one, STILL of the same size and lots of Christmas balls. I really don't have a theme, as long as our tree is colorful to look at, okay na. It is usually my daughters who puts all the balls on the tree and in a matter of minutes, it is finished... So without further a do, presenting our Christmas tree....


Then Last Saturday afternoon while waiting for Ate Joie's text if she is ready to be picked up from school we decided to do some grocery shopping for 3 noche buena packages that my family will be sharing to the Christmas party of the Cancer Warriors in Batangas organized by my cousin Sasah Valle - Castillo. This is the 2nd year that my family gave a package but this year we decided to give 3 instead of 1. The 3 packages represents my 3 daughters. I am so sorry that I wasn't able to get photos of it, because my hubby decided against it. But I hope that the 3 packages will bring happiness this coming Christmas.

December 2, 2011

Conversations of Amaya and her Tatay Francis

Few nights ago I over heard my youngest daughter Amaya and my hubby Francis talking. FYI, Amaya is still sleeping with us sa bedroom. Anyway as I was about to enter our bedroom their conversation went this way...

Tatay Francis: O basta wala ng fireworks ha...Cake na lang...

Amaya: Okay tatay...Cake na lang...But princess pa din ako...

Tatay Francis: wag ng princess...Cake na lang tapos blow mo na lang yun.

Amaya: Okay...Okay... Wala ng fireworks?!

What my hubby did sa kakulitan ng anak ko?! Tinulugan. Hahaha! To think that her birthday will be on the 20th of the month...

December 1, 2011

No post...again...

Hello! Blogger friends and readers...I was not able to post my Top 5 yesterday for my schedule is full. My 2 older daughters have their respective practices for their dance which is a presentation in their one of their subjects. Eh nagkataon pang different schedules ang practice nilang 2 yesterday. Then after lunch hubby, Ate Joie, Amaya and I went on a grocery shopping. Swelduha kaya kahapon?! Hahaha! Since tomorrow is a Friday already well, I might put a post already. Misses posting already...Until tomorrow though...