December 14, 2011

Christmas Traditions of Filipinos.

It is exactly 11 more days before Christmas and for my Top 5 this week I would like to share some of the Christmas traditions of Filipinos.

1. SIMBANG GABI - This is a 9 day mass that usually starts at 4 in the morning. It starts on the early morning of December 16th and ends on the 24th also called as the Misa de Gallo. I had completed this 9 day mass, when I was in 4th year college. There is a belief that if one completes the 9 days of mass one's wish will come true. Did it happen to me? I believe so...

2. CAROLING - Usually a group of kids sings in every house they go to and they are given a certain amount by the people who listened to their songs.

3. PUTO BUMBONG & BIBINGKA - 2 of the favorite delicacies every Christmas, though even after Christmas there are vendors who sells these 2 delicacies. But one will definitely feel that IT IS INDEED Christmas when 1 buys either of the 2. My fave? Puto Bumbong...hahaha!

4. NOCHE BUENA - This is a time for the whole family to gather at exactly 12 midnight to eat and after that time to give and opened the gifts.

5. PAROL - I believe this is one tradition that every Filipino do, putting up a Parol. It symbolizes as the guiding light at Bethlehem.

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