December 16, 2011

Movie Watching Manners

Few weeks ago my daughters and I watched the first part of the Breaking Dawn on the big screen. Just like before, we bought our tickets, snacks, and drinks earlier thant the usual; while waiting for our screening time, my daughters and I took turns in using the restrooms so as not to leave our seat while watching the film. My daughters and I paid 150.00 pesos each to watch the film but what we did not expect that there will be other people who are so VERY INCONSIDERATE of other moviegoers. Sheesh! I really made "PARINIG" already to shut up. Yet they ignored us. My daughter, who unfortunately, who was seated beside them was really pissed off because in every scene she could really hear all of their comments. Kung bata siguro sila pwede ko pang pakiusapan but the mere fact that they are ADULTS how come they are so INCONSIDERATE. I will say it again, they are ADULTS. Haaay. My daughters 13 and 12 respectively but they know what to do once inside the movie theater. I teach them NOT TO TALK LOUDLY inside the theaters especially if the movie is ongoing already. If there are instances that they want to ask something they could do so by WHISPERING. BUMULONG. O English na, may Tagalog pa. I know they paid 150.00 pesos as well BUT I just hope they will learn HOW TO RESPECT OTHER MOVIEGOERS who also paid the same amount to enjoy the same movie in the big screeN, MINUS the loud side comments from other people who are so INCONSIDERATE.

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