December 8, 2011

I Love The Film: Breaking Dawn

last December 4, with my 2 older daughters (Arielle and Joie) we went to SM to watch the first part of Breaking Dawn. Since we wanted to really start the movie from the very beginning we decided to watch it at the 2:30 p.m. screening, while waiting we bought already our snacks and drinks, used the bathrooms already so as that we will not be going out in the middle of the movie.

At exactly 2:30 p.m., the film began rolling. To be honest the most part my girls and I were looking for was the wedding. And I almost cried watching Bella walking down the aisle in the arms of her father. Seeing at the simplicity but elegance of the Swan-Cullen wedding, I was amazed at how they really took the time in showing in the film of how I the wedding would look like. It exceeded my expectations and of what I had imagined while reading the book.

Another part where I cried is where Jacob finally decided to join the reception and danced with his Bella. Oh just thinking of it makes me teary-eyed. Hahaha! And the last part where I got teary-eyed is when Bella is saying goodbye to her father. I loved at how Charlie replied when Bella said I love you Dad. And Charlie's reply: ALWAYS AM. ALWAYS WILL. *sniff*

I had a great time watching the movie though there were some twists here and there, a lot different from the book though, but I loved at what they did. Hey I am not a movie critic or whatever you call them, but there are few things I have noticed (and should not have included na lang):

1. I just hoped that they really made Bella beautiful during her wedding. What I have
imagined while reading the book is far from what I saw in the movie.

2. How I wished to see the face of the little girl Claire whom Quil imprinted to.

3. For me, they should not have included the speeches of some of the characters especially of Jessica, parang sour graping pa din siya after all these times.

But all in all it was a good movie, FOR ME AND MY DAUGHTERS at least. We can't wait for the second part and we all have to wait for November 2012 to watch it.

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