December 14, 2011

A Treat for Everybody

Last Sunday while I was about to prepare our lunch Francis all of a sudden told me to eat lunch out then go to Nuvali. OMG! Ang hirap kasi pag ang lakad namin eh biglaan kasi I really have to tend to each of my daughters. Anyway, so my daughters took their baths, alternately while I sterilized some of Amaya's bottles. Then it was Amaya's turn to take her bath then me. We ate lunch at Mcdonald's, where else. Then off to Nuvali. First stop was Solenad 2. As soon as we arrived we went to the comfort rooms. While we were there Amaya was playing.
This is our Amaya playing.

After using the rest rooms, we saw this nice designs there and my hubby took our pics with it.
This is Ate Joie...

We went to this stall called Res-Toe-Run and looked around. Then saw what I have been wishing for to have all these times, a pair of FitFlops. Francis found this pair for me and this is his Christmas gift for me. And yes I am definitely very happy with my purchase.

Here I am fitting the pair Francis
chose for me...

And while I was fitting the FitFlops, ndi mapakali ang bunso namin. Hahaha!

After I have purchased my FitFlops we went around to see if there are other stores that have opened already. And the kids are happy that Timezone has been opened already but they were not able to play anymore because they asked their tatay if we could go to ATC. We went window shopping there and we're so happy that night because they have fireworks display but we weren't able to watch it because Amaya was crying her heart out. In short takot sa fireworks. So good luck naman to us this coming New Year's Eve.

Let me share with you the other purchases that we have made that Sunday evening.

This short bought by Ate Arielle at
Nuvali for 100.00 pesos

A black skirt bought at 150.00
and can be used as a top as well.

A shirt for Amaya bought at
Bench for 349.50

All in all we had a great time even though the kids have school the following day.

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