December 15, 2011

A Rant of a Mother

Why the title? Here is the story why. Last Monday afternoon my 2nd daughter, Joie told me that I have to buy her some nails for their project, which by the way I paid as early as the first quarter of the year. In short, pag pasok na pag pasok sa school naningil na sila agad. And since this is a school project, I gave the money to my daughter. What pissed me off? I paid the said amount and then I have to buy the nails? Parang may mali.
I asked Ate Joie why will I be buying the nails when in fact it should be included in the materials needed for the project. She told me that there was nothing left for her and 4 of her classmates because they - Joie's group - practicing some dance routines which is part of one of their subjects. So what I did, I wrote to her class advisor and informed her of what happened. And yesterday afternoon when Ate Joie arrived from school she told me that the teacher will be the one to buy the nails that she and 4 of her classmates needs. That ended well. :)

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