September 28, 2011

Imagination and Playing

Our electric/power service were cut off as early as 2:00 in the morning due to Typhoon Pedring yesterday. And because of this the kids are at home and there is nothing left to do. So my daughters started playing, not their father's psp, but by using their respective imaginations. I over heard them that they have a magical tent. This magical tent could bring them wherever they want to go. Their first stop, the beach. Ever since we had that "outing", they have always wanted to go back and I believe they did just that by imagining it.
Another thing that we usually do especially on a day like this is playing the ever popular game, PINOY HENYO. This game is from the noontime show Eat Bulaga wherein there are 2 people playing. One will be guessing the word that is posted on her/his forehead by asking questions while the other one has to answer his/her partner's questions with just YES, NO, or MAYBE. You have to guess the word within the 2 minute time limit. My kids and I, this time with their tatay at home, enjoy playing this. If the partner guessing can't give the right answer, a powder will be put on her/his face.
We usually sing, any type or kind of song, just to entertain ourselves. Sometimes having no electricity, even just once in a while, is good because we could bond with our kids and at the same time my children are using their imagination when playing. And most of all I could see my girls are really having a great time with each other.
How about you, what do you usually do on a day like this?

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