September 16, 2011

Friday Once again

Thank God it's Friday. Every person, especially mothers like me who really look after their kids, Friday and weekend is what we really look forward to. Though I really don't have that much to do on a weekend but still more household chores, but what I mean is that I don't have to wake up earlier than the usual since the kids don't have school, that means I have the chance to extend the hours of sleeping.

But I still do the task of cooking breakfast and cleaning the house, since I don't have any maid to do those things for me. But since it's weekend, its my girls turn to clean up their bedroom. Hahaha! Now that is one task removed from my daily routine. One thing I definitely look forward to though is my afternoon date/s with my hubby. Well this date/s just include window shopping and eating. Nothing more. Probably I could call this as my time with my hubby, and I believe vice versa.

Even though it's just a simple date, for me it's a lot already. It usually take my mind off the chores that will be waiting for me when I get home. Hahaha! That is why I am excited for Fridays and weekends to come. I hope that you will have a nice and happy weekend as well.

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