October 3, 2012

Teaching Aid For Amaya

     Hello! I know it has been a while since the last time I posted. I apologize. It has been a hell week for me. With the field trip (another post for that), the swimming class of Amaya which I swear really takes a toll on me. As in after the class and all, as soon as I reached home, I really lay down, I am so dead tired. Anyways, enough of the blah, blah, blah. So what's with the title? Amaya is an English speaking child. I guess you can't blame me if I teach her how to speak the language. Please don't get me wrong, we are pure Filipino but I guess IT IS NOT A SIN to teach your child another language, since it is the ONLY OTHER LANGUAGE I know how to speak as well.

     Though here at the house, as of now, with Amaya, all of us are trying to talk to her in Tagalog. She could understand if we talk in the native language but most of the times I have to translate SOME of the tagalog conversations here at the house. And since she is attending school already, Junior Kinder, part of the curriculum is the Pilipino subject. Let's just say she is confused between: BA, BE, BI, BO, BU and DA, DE, DI, DO, DU. So I went to this mini-mart at the public market and looked for booklets that could help her read Filipino words. And yes, I was able to find, A LOT. But I just bought 2 of the booklets. 

These are the booklets I
am talking about, if you have kids having
difficulty reading in tagalog,
I tell these are 2 of the booklets
available to help your children.

     So aside from the said booklets, I decided to buy blank flashcard and write all of the letters so that it will be easier for me to know if Amaya could really do this on her own. 

I bought this marker to use it on

the blank flashcard, which can be 
bought at the bookstore...

and this is how it looks like, after
you have written. Then you
could practice your kids doing the

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