November 29, 2012

Must Go: The Mind Museum

     Ever since I read this Mind Museum from one of the mommy bloggers I follow (click here), I have always wanted to go there with my kids and husband. And last Sunday, November 25, it happened. Yes I feel a kid who is so excited to go on a "field trip". I have to admit, my husband and I really saved up for this. For a 3 hour trip within the museum, it cost us 2,550.00 pesos. And I could really say that it is really worth it. My 2 older daughters really don't know where to start, where to look at, excited to go to the next floor. While my youngest, really enjoyed. It is THE one museum where I really allowed my youngest to really touch everything but of course with my guidance and my hubby's as well. Anyway, without much further a do, let me show you, my dear readers, via photo our trip.

Warning: LOADS OF PHOTOS... Enjoy....

Me and my daughters at
the lobby of the Mind Museum

This is KAL, as soon as you
enter the lobby, you will definitely
meet him
See how amazed my Amaya
with KAL

Here we are waiting for the
time to go inside the museum
(excited much!!!)
As you enter, you will definitely see this,
just a few reminders while inside
the museum

This is Aedi, spelled the idea
Here is one of the guides
whom shared a few things
before we really explore the whole museum

Meet Stan, and my Amaya is
scared of this.

This is one of the things I really
liked, I tried it and I tell you my hair even
in my skin really stand up. Look
at my older daughter's hair.

The periodic table. You will what products
symbolizes each element

Lucky for us we were
able to see simple experiments
from these two guys.

It is nice to be an archaeologist
even just for a few minutes. hehehe!

just like in the movie Jurassic Park

The different parts of the brain

The evolution of men. And I tell
you that woman with the long
hair really looks kinda real. It scared me
the first time I saw it. 
 The following pictures are inside the Mind Museum Store

My daughter taking picture
of some of the cards. While at the back
are some drinking bottles and other toys.

There are shirts and caps as well. 

Books for the kids 

This is nice a gift, a USB. too bad
I wasn't able to buy one.

The next photos are taken at the Mind Museum park

My Ate Joie, tried making
this giant bubble but when she
was about to stand up,
it burst.

This eagle, you could peek behind the holes
and you could see how the eagles
see at things.

the slides, where my 3 daughters
really enjoyed the most.

      This is one trip wherein my daughters and I really had a great time. So if you're not busy this coming weekend or this coming Christmas break, try going to the Mind Museum.

Click here to visit their website: The Mind Museum

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