November 8, 2012

A Fun Day at Swimming Class

     Today is the last day of the swimming class of Amaya and her classmates. The teachers had a fun day of just having a contest among their students. They were grouped into 4 with 3 students each. All of the lessons they have learned in the past quarter were used. Here are some of the photos of the class.

The kids are being grouped 
into 4 members

This is my Amaya, instead of using
the kick board, she just clinged
to the neck of the teacher and kicked
her way to the other end. Hahaha!

The teachers let the kids use
the NOODLE, so that they
could kick and paddle

Amaya doing the bubbles... Instead of
putting her whole face down the
water, she is just LITERALLY 
doing bubbles on top of the water.

The whole class with teachers from
Bert Lozada Swimming School

     To the ever reliable swimming teachers from the Bert Lozada Swimming School, on behalf of all the mothers of the students, our heartfelt THANK YOU for all of your patience, understanding, and love you have given to our kids. We know that it is difficult to teach these kids but it paid off. Until next year. See you again.

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