August 28, 2012

Arielle turns 14 years old

Today is the 14th birthday of my eldest daughter, KATHERINE ARIELLE. Time really flies soooo fast, literally. Since last year I wrote her a letter already (click here), this time I want to do this by showing some of her baby photos up to the latest ones.

Arielle at 4 months old, we visited
Lola Naty during Christmas of 1998.

During our vacation in Calamba,
she is 8 months already here.

This is during her 1st birthday
held at Nanay Coring's place. In
the photo with Arielle is her
Mamoo Tess

Here is Arielle, during one our trip
to Baguio with Hubby's family

this is her current photo, taken during
our mirienda at Max's Restaurant
at Solenad, 2 weeks ago.

To our Ate, as we fondly call her, happy, happy birthday! Thank you for making us, your whole family so proud of all the things you're doing especially sa studies mo. Continue what you're doing because it is up to you how will you fare in this what we call LIFE. Thank you for the love and respect you're giving me and your tatay. Thank you for sharing your little secrets with me. Thank you for loving your sisters even though most of the time they pisses you off. As in. Hahaha!

Be a good girl, be a good OLDER sister to your siblings and continue to be God fearing person.

I love you ate Arielle.... I know you will go a long, long, long way.

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