August 1, 2012

Time to Drink the Medicines

Last week I brought Amaya to the pediatrician because she has water stool for the past 2 days and I got scared she might go on dehydration. So she was checked and was given A LOT of medicines to take. I told the doctor that I am having a difficult time giving Amaya the medicines especially if it is not a good flavor. So she was kind enough to change the medicines that my daughter will love. So when we left the pediatrician's clinic and bought all of Amaya's medicines, I sat down and wrote in a scratch paper the time, the amount and how many days will be the medicines should be taken. Here is what I usually do:

If you would notice, the name of the medicine is on the right portion, then I placed more boxes for the date. I also include how much of the medicine she will be taking and then I check if she has taken it already.

I hope that this simple tip could help you in giving out the medicines in each member of your family especially if it is a lot.

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