July 30, 2012

A Different Kind of Weekend

Last Saturday afternoon Francis told me and the kids that we will be watching the movie The Dark Knight Rises, and this time we will be watching it at Alabang Town Center. And so we were all so excited because it has been a while since we went there. As soon as we arrived at the place we went straight ahead to the cinema area and whoa!, there were a lot of people lined up already. And as I lined up, my youngest daughter, Amaya made this face and whisper something to his tatay's ear. Then Francis, came up and told me that Amaya doesn't like to watch the movie and so is my Ate Joie. It ended that only me and my eldest, Arielle will be watching.

My eldest daughter and I were crossing our fingers that we could get watch the movie at 4:15pm, which by the way was few minutes before it began. Luckily we were able to get the tickets but then again we will be seating few seats from each other. Grabe! How organized and aliw I am when I saw how at the Cinemas in Alabang were. You have the chance to choose where to seat, they will show you via a monitor which seats are still available and which are not. That is how Arielle and I ended few seats apart from one another.

While we, Arielle and I, were watching Francis was busy looking after our 2 other daughters and they really went around the area. They played at Timezone, ate at Krispy Kreme and played at the playground. Here are some of the photos.

Ate Joie's favorite to do
at TimeZone

Amaya trying this dance

At Krispy Kreme

Amaya loves to slide

She also loves to climb

my girls playing with the water

my girls, behind a 3D Aquarium

It is not bad that each of the family members could do what they want to do. Arielle and I enjoyed the movie, while Francis and my 2 other girls enjoyed playing and roaming around ATC.

How was your weekend?

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