March 12, 2013

Stage Play: Finals 2013

 Yesterday I posted the video of my daughter singing the main theme song of their play, entitled BEAUTY AND THE BEAST (click here). So today I will share with you my dear readers, the annual Finals Play from the school, Early Start Learning Center. Actually the levels included in the plays are from grades 4, 5, and 6. Prior to the Finals last Saturday, March 9. There were an elimination held at the school grounds of the said school last March 7. The winners that went on to the finals were 2 sections from grade 4 and 2 section from grade 6. It was supposed to be just 3 winners that will moving to the finals but it so happened that were a tie so 4 sections went on instead. Anyway, I will share with you some of the pictures from the Finals of the Play.

The trophies for the best play

Trophies for every individual
who gave their all in their performance

This play is done by grade and the title
of this play is Wizard of Oz

These are grade 4 students as well,
characters are from Alice in Wonderland

This young lade, a grade 4 student,
is really good and played the role
of the Queen




Lumiere and Cogsworth

Mrs. Potts (portrayed by my daughter)
with Lumiere

Belle and the Beast dancing

Mrs. Potts singing 

The grade 6 students that did Beauty and the Beast

Earl, from grade 6, won best supporting actor

the grade 4 student (sorry forgot her name) won
the best supporting actress

Nat, from grade 6 won best actor

Janelle, from grade 6, won best actress

Grade 6 St. Francis won the best play

      This year's play is bitter sweet for me and my daughters. Bitter because it is the LAST TIME that these kids will perform on stage, share their talents whether in acting, doing the props, directing, musical scoring and all. Sweet because they will be leaving on high spirits knowing that they won first place. To the parents of these students, congratulations as well. I guess the parents of these students are their number supporters. To the teachers who never gets tired of doing these plays every year, THANK YOU because it is one way of letting these kids show their other talents aside from doing good in academics.

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