November 25, 2011

One More Month To Go

It is exactly one more month and it is Christmas once again. Have you done some Christmas shopping? Me? Not yet. But my kids have already told me that they have already picked who will be there ka-kris kringle sa school. Ano ba naman yan? Wala pa masyadong budget eto na ulit ang gastos. Whew. Buti na lang ang budget given for the exchange gift is 250.00. It is kinda a problem as well kasi sa panahon ba ngayon may 250.00 pa ba?! Haaay. So this weekend my family will try to go to SM and look for something na worth 250.00.

Have you decorated your house for the coming Christmas? Me, not yet. I know it is the last Saturday of the month, but tomorrow my daughters and I will be decorating our small Christmas tree. To give you an idea how small our tree is, it will take us like less than 30 minutes to set it up. Hahaha! Even though it is a small one, I could assure you that it is a cute one. ;)

So see November is about to end and yet I haven't started on any of the two things mentioned above. Hahaha! Sorry naman daw dami po talaga kasing ginagawa. Now I could really say that time really flies so fast.

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