November 24, 2011


Lately mu husband and I had a conversation where to place the money has save up. Few of my friends told him to place it in a Mutual Fund, Time Deposit, or invest it somewhere else. So what I did, I went to Bank of Philippine Islands or BPI and inquire what is/are the best option that is open for an ordinary person like me and my husband. So a good friend mo mine (and college classmate as well) who is working at BPI introduced me to two of the best option/s the bank could offer. NOTE: As I write it here is the way I understood it, I am no financial expert or what ever.

As my friend told me, these 2 are almost the same except that it is up to the bank where they are going to invest your money. Initial investment in either of the 2 is 50,000.00 pesos. As the way I understoom it, it's more or less about stocks, so if you're a risk taker, it is up to you how much are you willing to invest in these kinds of funds. My good friend told me as well, that as much as possible, they advise their clients to just invest 50% of their savings so that in case of emergency you have that money on hand already.

2. Another interesting option my friend presented to me is the SDA or SPECIAL DEPOSIT ACCOUNT this is under Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas or BSP. This is more okay than a Time Deposit.

I am not really good with numbers, interest and in the financial world but I am just sharing to all of you where you could invest your hard earned money. You could visit any bank and inquire the above mentioned investments and other things they could offer you. The more choices you have the more you could think about it. Be sure to make a wise decision because this is your hard earned money.

*note: This is not a paid ad for BPI. It so happen that me and my husband are happy clients of the said bank.

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